How to Build a Huge Opt-In List as an Affiliate…

Written by Anik Singal

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======================= Quick Ways To Generate Traffic =======================

The point of this article is not to teach you how to drive traffic to your website, but here are 5 really quick techniques to use so you can test what you just learned.

1. Article Submissions – Submit articles aroundrepparttar web regarding your niche and have your biography link go to a opt-in page. You’ll be amazed at how well this technique works in building a list.

2. Pay Per Click – The easiest way to immediately begin getting traffic. Send all of your paid traffic directly torepparttar 137114 opt-in page, then haverepparttar 137115 person land on a page that pre-sellsrepparttar 137116 product they were looking for. Make sure to test this, sometimes your conversions onrepparttar 137117 front-end can fall, but they increase overrepparttar 137118 long-run.

3. Ezine Ads – I have found Ezine ads a great way to quickly and cost effectively boost my list. Write an ad promising a “fr^^ ee membership or information” and sendrepparttar 137119 traffic to an opt-in page.

4. Viral Marketing – This form of marketing takes some time to kick in but can be extremely effective! Other people will spread your message and your message will have links to your opt-in page.

5. Linking strategy – This option is a bit more work, so only use it once you have tested and know that you have a winner. Start trading links with related websites and you will see a great boost in traffic.

========= Conclusion =========

In conclusion, make sure you understand that you should be building a long-term affiliate business and not just something that makes you a few dollars on one sale. If you ever stop advertising, you want to be in position to still have a powerful business. Building a large opt-in list will also position you asrepparttar 137120 expert in your niche.

Finally, remember to make sure that your opt-in page fits on one computer screen and is small. Always testrepparttar 137121 page by quickly driving some traffic.

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Stop Begging for Referrals!

Written by David Frey

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That's not necessarily true.

I'll bet some of your very best customers haven't given you one referral.


Because they're busy and have a thousand other things on their mind...just like you.

If you rely on just your relationships to get you referrals you'll be disappointed.

The key to getting a consistent stream of referrals is to buildrepparttar referral process intorepparttar 137089 transaction!

That's right, you need to build your referral system INTOrepparttar 137090 TRANSACTION.


Here's a Great Example of a "Transaction-Based" Referral System _______________________________________________________

The other day I received a promotional letter from TXU Energy (a Texas Energy Company).

Inrepparttar 137091 promotional letter they included a leaflet that offered $40 to anyone who referred a friend and became a customer.

Would you like to see it?

Here'srepparttar 137092 front side:

And here'srepparttar 137093 back side:

They also send this leaflet along with their billing statements. When someone comes out to your house to do maintenance work or respond to a call they leave behind this leaflet.

You see, when a "transaction" happens, they ask for a referral.

There's no face-to-face asking.

They don't wait until it'srepparttar 137094 "right time."

It happens every time there's a transaction.

Because of this, TXU gets a steady stream of referrals. In fact, they can predict with some accuracy that if they give out X amount of leaflets, they'll get back in X amount of referrals.

The results are...

(1) predictable

(2) consistent

(3) repeatable


Applying this Referral Strategy to Your Business ________________________________________

Ask yourself how you can apply this referral strategy to your business.

It doesn't matter if you're a consultant, dry cleaner, auto dealership, or even a large energy can use this referral strategy.

And there's so many variations and applications of this simple referral technique that ANY business can do it. Even yours!

David Frey is the author of the Small Business Marketing Bible ( and the Senior Editor of the Small Business Marketing Best Practices Newsletter. To get your lifetime free subscription visit

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