How to Build Credibility Online

Written by Craig Lock

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N.B: Publish your customers' names and email addresses atrepparttar end, so that they can be contacted as a referral ("if need be"). (Don't forget to obtain their permission first to have their name "up there" onrepparttar 119111 www; however we do find that most people are very happy to oblige). Because personal endorsements from "real people" are way more trustworthy and they prove that you have fulfilled your promise to other customers - that your product or service actually "doesrepparttar 119112 job " claimed.

Building credibility (trust) comes from using your individual area ofexpertise (and/or interests) to help others through sharing your unique knowledge and experiences. That isrepparttar 119113 best part of an online business, I believe - "meeting people and building relationships based on trust" inrepparttar 119114 magical journey that is life.

Craig Lock

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Craig Lock has been successfully marketing products online for the past five years. Craig is a writer, who believes in sharing information, as well as encouraging and helping others to find their talents and gifts, to strive for and accomplish their dreams in life - whatever they may be.

Who's Peering Into Your Computer?

Written by June Campbell

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Interested in knowing just how much information a skilled hacker could get from your machine? Check out this web site called Beyond Enemy Lines:

The webmaster, Man inrepparttar Wilderness (MITW), claims to be an Internet security expert. MITW is apparently a "white hat" hacker who uses his skills to protect his customers from attack.

Asrepparttar 119110 story goes,repparttar 119111 head of a professional spamming operation repeatedly forged MITW's domain for spamming purposes. (Professional spammers typically hide their identities by using forged domains.) Finally, in retaliation, MITW hackedrepparttar 119112 spammer's computer and published his findings on this web site. The details make fascinating reading.

After breaking into this woman's system, our white-hat hacker obtained and published screen captures of spam software while it was using his forged domain name to send thousands of emails. MITW also obtained copies of email messages discussing various spam operations, ICQ message logs and much more. Similarly, he found and published semi-nude pictures ofrepparttar 119113 woman and her colleagues and samples of erotic writing found onrepparttar 119114 computer.

Some might say that this woman deserved what happened to her. Perhaps she did. Ifrepparttar 119115 content onrepparttar 119116 site is true, she was involved in some particularly nasty activities. However,repparttar 119117 real message is just how vulnerable our computers can be to hackers if we aren't more than a little careful.

This woman and her cohorts were running a professional spamming operation. You might think they, of all people, would have protected themselves against hackers. But they did not. Perhaps, like me, they thought they were protected. Remember that my computer was vulnerable inrepparttar 119118 Finjan testing, despite running up-to-the minute virus software and a firewall that is rated as one ofrepparttar 119119 best.

How about you? Could you stand up to a hacker attack? Protecting a computer is now a three- pronged fork. We need anti-virus software, firewalls and malicious code blocking software.

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