How to Build A Niche Web Site in 9 Simple Steps

Written by Donna Monday

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If you simply can’t put words ontorepparttar page and find yourself staring at a blank screen, then visit Internet marketing forums like Willie Crawford’s ( for suggestions on finding writers. Or, visit Elance (

Step 5. Build Your Web Site

Ok. You’ve created your copy. Now it’s time to buildrepparttar 145349 actual physical web site. I use Homestead (, but there are many good point and click web site builders out there.

You have a lot of creative freedom on how you want your site to look (I prefer black copy on white backgrounds with photos), but remember that people are looking for attractive, easy-to-navigate sites with useful information.

Step 6. Sign Up for Matching Affiliate Programs

You’ve created a web site about xyz subject. Now look for affiliate vendors who perfectly matchrepparttar 145350 theme of your site. Integrate your affiliates attractively into your web site copy. Don’t confuse your visitors by giving them too many choices.

If you want to list a lot of affiliates onrepparttar 145351 same page, you can create a helpful “resource guide” page.

Step 7. Include Google Adsense Ads

Google has a great program for web site owners who wish to make a little extra money for simply displaying google ads on their web site. It’s easy to sign up and free. Just visit google ( and sign up for their Adsense program. They’ll give you some html code to copy and paste on your site.

While google decides which ads will actually appear on your site, you can decide howrepparttar 145352 google ads will look – choose colors, borders, etc. and where to put them on your pages.

Step 8. Find Link Partners

I found out that exchanging links with other web site owners is a MUST if you want to improve your search engine rankings. Google especially will consider your site more relevant if your site has other sites linking to it. Alsorepparttar 145353 ad copy from other sites, if relevant, can add more valuable keyword content to your own site.

I use Linkmarket ( to find credible web sites to exchange links with. It’s free to join.

Step 9. Write Articles to Promote Your Site

Oh oh. Here’s that writing thing again. Well, you better get used to it, because writing articles like this one (normally your articles will be aboutrepparttar 145354 subject matter of your web site) will help give your affiliate web site much needed exposure. It doesn’t matter if you write them yourself or hire others (ghostwriters) to write them for you.

You’ll find thatrepparttar 145355 best Internet marketers all write articles to promote themselves, their newsletters, and products and services. Remember, there’s a reasonrepparttar 145356 Internet is calledrepparttar 145357 “information” super highway.

After writing your articles, you can post them to article submission sites, which you can find by typing “article submission” in Google. People can easily find your articles to use as free content for their sites.

Now, I suggest that you print this article out and refer to it often as you go about creatingrepparttar 145358 next great affiliate web site. Good luck!

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There’s An Internet Sucker Born Every Minute

Written by Donna Monday

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The bad news is that these kinds of legitimate work at home opportunities are like finding a needle in a haystack. You have to go through tons of hay before finding that precious needle.

When you do findrepparttar right home business ideas for your lifestyle and budget, then you will have to work VERY HARD and SMART in order to make it succeed. There is a high frustration rate for people coming online to seek their fortunes. Many never make one thin dime.

To avoid this happening to you,repparttar 145348 first thing you should do when you find something you’re interested in is ASK questions. You can use google to search for any negatives and positives about your chosen opportunity.

The Internet is great for finding outrepparttar 145349 truth aboutrepparttar 145350 best home based business opportunities ANDrepparttar 145351 lemons. The Internet is a big community and many people are willing to share their experiences and horror stories.

A great message board to ask about home business opportunities is: Friends in Business

A new year is beginning and it’s great to feel that rush of excitement as you go about your goal of creating a better life for yourself. However, before you plop down that wad of cash on a “sure thing” remember that success doesn’t happen overnight (not even for all those Internet gurus), and in order to be really successful online you need to slow down and first learn strategic Internet marketing.

This means a lot of reading and studying from people who have been there and done that successfully. Hint: message boards are great for this.

So good luck and stay away from those sharks. Don’t let them make a poor Internet sucker out of you.

Donna Monday Copyright 2005 Find it Quick in a Click

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