How to Break the Chain of Vicious Circle

Written by Olakunbi Korostensky

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Connect withrepparttar source of life by remembering allrepparttar 150899 goodness surrounding you and feel grateful for being alive and well.

Laugh out loudly at yourself, sing off key… etc., be silly! Do whatever gets you into a natural high vibrant feeling of total bliss. Fully feelrepparttar 150900 excitement ofrepparttar 150901 moment as your body tingles with renewed energy.

4. Be open to others. Invite other people into your life by having a giving heart. Share your knowledge and joy with people who want them.

When you are caught in a web of conflicting thoughts, it is easy to get wrapped up in yourself and your problem. This is understandable, but it isrepparttar 150902 least helpful way to finding solutions. "You cannot fight your way out of a cyclone when you're sitting right inrepparttar 150903 middle of it's wailing noise" is a favourtie expression of one of my great mentors.

Learn to wait for things to quiet down and then connect with other people for comfort and nurturing. Everyone has his story to tell and by sharing your story with others, you'll find comfort in knowing that you're not alone. This is a fact of life which we often forget.

5. Say 'no' firmly when necessary and move on. Leave behind whatever is not serving you for something new.

Sometimes we may experience moments of vicious circle in our lives, because we refuse to see what is happening to us. A change may be overdue and it is time to move on. If you have ever fought hard to hold on to something and tried various angles to succeed, all to no avail. Maybe you realised thatrepparttar 150904 more you triedrepparttar 150905 more calamity you encountered? Try this.

Stop trying and give yourselfrepparttar 150906 permission to quit. A Few days later, observe how you feel. My guess is that you will feel much better and more in control. This isrepparttar 150907 state you want to attain and maintain to breakrepparttar 150908 chain of any vicious circle.

Be consistent in implementing these strategies, and very soon you'll find that no vicious circle will ever be able to hold you captive again.

Kunbi Korostensky, N.D., Psychotherapist and Certified Life Coach is specialised in supporting people in transition, turn the changes in their lives into invigorating joy and happiness. View her ebooklet Top 10 holistic Questions to Embrace Change and Grow at: or: mailto:

The Power You Possess

Written by Maren Cruickshank

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If you were purely spirit (with no body) you’d have anything instantly with just one thought, because once you conceive it in your mind then it becomes a reality. All thoughts are 100% reality onrepparttar spiritual realm, butrepparttar 150865 physical plane slows things down and causes it to take time to manifest. To get it from a spiritual plane to a physical plane takes focus. Focusing your energies will bring forth any spiritual reality untorepparttar 150866 physical realm. For you to doubt is to negate your desire. Fear will negate your desire. You need to keep that in mind.

Once you dream it, it exists. Once you focus onrepparttar 150867 dream it becomes reality onrepparttar 150868 physical plane. The choice is yours.

Repeat: I will not doubt and I will not fear. The power is mine.

By: Maren Cruickshank

Maren desires to help as much people as possible create the life of their dreams, to step out of mediocrity and into a life of greatness. She specializes in teaching about the power of thought and character building for a better life. To find out how she can help you turn dreams into reality visit

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