How to Break Into Writing for Newspapers

Written by Linda C. Allardice

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Next, get some ideas together for stories. Find out if there are some community events approaching. Attend a town council or Board of Selectmenís meeting and see what issues your community or a nearby community is facing. Will there be a new traffic light downtown? Isrepparttar discount store thatís been in business for generations going to close permanently? Are there going to be new regulations for your weekly trash pick-up? Once you have some ideas, callrepparttar 129760 newspaper youíre interested in and ask forrepparttar 129761 editor. Hint: getrepparttar 129762 editorís name fromrepparttar 129763 newspaper and ask for him or her by name. Introduce yourself and letrepparttar 129764 editor know you are interested in stringing forrepparttar 129765 paper and that you have some ideas for stories youíd like to present. Editors know stringers start out with little or no experience, so donít be embarrassed to say youíve never written for a newspaper if indeed you havenít. If you hearrepparttar 129766 editor start to hedge, offer to do one story for no pay Ė nothing big, maybe a 300-word piece on a local fund-raising event. Some newspapers allow their stringers to write their stories inrepparttar 129767 newsroom. Some do not. If you happen to string for a paper that does not, you can submit your stories by modem or email. Newspapers count on content to attract advertisers Ė their bread and butter. And while staffers may get to cover murders, fires, and accidents, itísrepparttar 129768 stringer who often coversrepparttar 129769 news that isrepparttar 129770 most informative torepparttar 129771 community. And stringers are oftenrepparttar 129772 next in line to be considered when a staff position becomes available.

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Seeking Inspiration

Written by Vic Peters

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The point here is to convey a feeling; it doesnít matter ifrepparttar story is real. This example, as much as it breaks my heart to tell you, was real. Many ofrepparttar 129758 things that I write about are. Not all of them are personal experiences. A large number of them are notóthey are real experiences that somebody else has shared with me.

I dare not compare myself with another person, for that is surely a sin. I am who I am, no better or worse than my brother. We are at different places in our experience. Instead, I choose to share emotions with my readers. My task is not to listen with my ears, but with my soul, and then simply to sharerepparttar 129759 emotions. For me to be able to find meaningful words, I have to becomerepparttar 129760 person I am writing about. Just asrepparttar 129761 mother cried while she spoke, so did I when I became her.

Some say that you can never feel another personís pain; That is a lie. Empathy isrepparttar 129762 most basic human quality that we possess. The crime is that most of us refuse to empathize, because somehow we believe that we are above or immune to what happens to our friends and neighbors. Acknowledgement opensrepparttar 129763 door to fear. But to deny thatrepparttar 129764 sky rains orrepparttar 129765 cold winter wind blows throughrepparttar 129766 passage of time within our lives deadensrepparttar 129767 senses. What is life, if not experience?

Never will a single word convey a feeling unless you believe it first. Consider yourself blessed when other human beings open themselves up to you in their most private moments. If you can, takerepparttar 129768 way you feel then and put it into words. Sometimes you will laugh and sometimes you will cry, but it will berepparttar 129769 truth. Embellishrepparttar 129770 locations and concealrepparttar 129771 characters, but hold true torepparttar 129772 emotion.

The technique that I favor is what I call ďthe swing.Ē The readers get a gentle push going forward, rising aboverepparttar 129773 ground and picking up speed, until that instant when they are weightless. As they come back to a place they cannot see, they trust me to catch them and send them off again, this time higher. Going backward is as much a part ofrepparttar 129774 ride as going forward. Readers donít want to fall or crash into a tree or get sick; they want to have fun. That is my job: to let them have fun. A reader wants an experience, an honest alternative. If in writing I can convey to them a word of truth that will help them to live their life in a fuller manner, so muchrepparttar 129775 better.

If I lie about what I write, they will know. I cannot hide behind any word or page that is untrue. Believe in what you write. Believe in yourself. Write for yourself. Share with your readers what you feel and you wonít have to worry about completingrepparttar 129776 story. It will finish itself.

Vic Peters is the author of Mary's Field, a new Christian novel from Millennial Mind Publishing. More information is available at

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