How to Begin to Overcome Shyness

Written by Mike Moore

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REMEMBER... that every person is a unique gift. There is no other person like you onrepparttar planet. There has never been another like you. There will never be another like you. So treat yourself likerepparttar 147988 rare, unique, precious gift that you are.

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Mike Moore is an international speaker on Humor and Human Potential. HGis articles and cartoons have appeared in publications throughout Canada and the USA.

Fun Dates at Low Cost!

Written by Celina Richards

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toprepparttar evening by setting uprepparttar 147766 patio for coffee or wine and star gazing.

  • Movie atrepparttar 147767 drive-in
    This is a classic hang-out for our parents. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s too old-fashioned for us. At a drive-in you get to watch movies with others, while maintaining privacy in your own car. And you can share you snacks and sodas betweenrepparttar 147768 both of you, have your conversations and not worry about being too noisy to your neighbor. Best of all, you o­nly need to pay for your tickets for this great date.

  • Ice-Skating
    Ice-skating is not just for teenagers or little kids, but is a great way to bring couples together. It’s a great opportunity for you to hold hands, fall down and laugh! And if you are an expert, you can teach her o­ne or two of your ice-skating tricks. She’ll have so much fun she’ll be asking you forrepparttar 147769 next ice-skating date!

  • Surprise! Surprise!
    All girls love surprises. You’ll just have to creative with your surprise ideas and catch her off guard. For example, leave little gifts like key-chains, bookmarks, or even roses accompanied with sweet and short messages. Girls love these small gifts, and although they don’t cost much, they will go a long way.

    Planning a romantic date does not always necessarily have to cost you a lot of money. Using your creativity torepparttar 147770 best effect can actually gain you more points to her heart.

    If you are looking for your perfect match, you can findrepparttar 147771 top 8 dating sites o­n Adult Match Maker.

    Author Bio
    Celina Richards is a counselor and dating coach in private practice since 1995. She offers dating-relationship coaching, singles group coaching and o­ngoing coaching for singles & unmarried couples. She started writing articles to help singles with the knowledge and tools they need to find and sustain lasting relationships.

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