How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Written by Andre McFayden, Ph.D.

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c) How much can a real estate agent earn? Real estate agents more often than not are paid on commission. This commission is a percent ofrepparttar selling price ofrepparttar 137390 property. The seller will generally pay 4-6% ofrepparttar 137391 sales price asrepparttar 137392 fee for having an agent handlerepparttar 137393 complex job of selling their property. The funds will often be split equally betweenrepparttar 137394 seller's broker and broker who findsrepparttar 137395 buyer.

As an example, ifrepparttar 137396 fee for a $300,000 property is 6%,repparttar 137397 buyer's broker will be paid 3% or $9000 andrepparttar 137398 seller's broker will also be paid 3% or $9000. The agent is paid by his or her broker, using their agreed-upon commission split. This is often 50-50 for new agents, so in that caserepparttar 137399 agent in our example would be paid $4500.

So to answerrepparttar 137400 question,repparttar 137401 amount that a real estate agent can earn is only limited byrepparttar 137402 number of transactions that he or she can close.

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8 Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Written by Nathan Newberger

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5. - DON'T DRESS INAPPROPRIATELY. Whether you like it or not,repparttar job interview is notrepparttar 137329 time to express your individuality. Always remember that your goal is to gain employment, not to make a fashion statement. Accordingly, you should not dress in any way that will distract attention from you and your qualifications. Things to avoid include unconventional hair colors, excessive jewelry and makeup and any clothes that you would wear to a nightclub. Prior torepparttar 137330 interview, contactrepparttar 137331 companies HR department and inquire aboutrepparttar 137332 company dress code. Do your best to dress accordingly. If there is any doubt, err onrepparttar 137333 side of being overdressed.

6. - DON'T BE UNTRUTHFUL Never, ever lie during an interview. Mistruths have an uncanny habit of catching up to people. Ifrepparttar 137334 interviewer catches you in a lie duringrepparttar 137335 interview, you have seriously damaged your chances of being hired. After all, would you hire someone that you couldnít trust? If your employer finds out you lied after you have been hired, it could be grounds for dismissal. Even if they do not dismiss you, you are still in serious trouble as you have damaged your integrity inrepparttar 137336 eyes of your boss. The bottom line is that you should always be truthful when interviewing.

7. - DON'T BE MODEST. When searching forrepparttar 137337 right job, put your modesty aside. Donít be afraid to confidently describe your skills and accomplishments. After all, if you donít sing your praises to your potential boss, then who will? Donít count on your resume to do allrepparttar 137338 work; it is only a tool to help you landrepparttar 137339 interview. Once you get your foot inrepparttar 137340 door, it is up to you to convincerepparttar 137341 interviewer that you arerepparttar 137342 ideal person forrepparttar 137343 job. Worried that you will come across as conceited instead of self-confident? Then practice how and what you will say with a friend or family member who can provide honest feedback.

8. - DON'T FORGET THE "THANK YOU NOTE. Oncerepparttar 137344 interview has concluded, take a few moments to jot down your impressions ofrepparttar 137345 interviewer, what you talked about and any interesting points that were brought up duringrepparttar 137346 meeting. The ideal time and place to do this is in your car a soon as you have exitedrepparttar 137347 building, as your thoughts will be most fresh at this time. Use this information as you compose a well thought out thank you note torepparttar 137348 interviewer. Mail this note no later thanrepparttar 137349 day followingrepparttar 137350 interview. Remember promptness signals interest.

By avoiding these 8 simple mistakes, you can improve your chances of having a successful interview and landingrepparttar 137351 job of your dreams.

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