How to Become a Modern Saint.

Written by Stuart G. Harrison

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Why become a saint? Perhaps forrepparttar feeling of gettingrepparttar 149921 recognition you deserve, joining a very elite group, and having spiritual responsibility for your patron subject.

Sainthood can also be given to nominated friends. Special people who really deserverepparttar 149922 ultimate recognition of their continuing good work.

The church is completely independent and is not affiliated with any other religious movement.

So if you want to be, for example, St Frank of Digby, Patron of Reality TV Programmes, visitrepparttar 149923 website today.

You can become a Saint - right now - at the author's web business, , for a modest donation of 35.

Hilary Duff- Way Over Exposed!!!

Written by Please get someone who isn't annoying on!

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It's a shame Hilary Duff isn't allowed to grow up. She has to maintain her image to maintain her status inrepparttar biz along with her paycheck. Hopefully Lalaine will get a record deal and blow this over done blonde twit away. Jealous? Anyone can dye thier hair blonde and act all cute. She's got contacts in hollywood going for her. Hopefully she'll stop singing and move on to preschool shows where she'll fit in withrepparttar 149897 every growing children of today's world.

Talent is wasted, looks are sadly the future. Or maybe it's acting years younger then you are.

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