How to Become a Dot Com Millionaire (Part 2)

Written by Jim Barrington

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Ifrepparttar idea excites you, then make sure you have adequate legal and financial advisors to represent your interests. Many will work on an "At Risk" basis providingrepparttar 119083 venture is soundly based and viable. If you managed to attractrepparttar 119084 attention of a good Internet Consultant, you may well be ahead ofrepparttar 119085 game by having existing contacts and networks within which to work. If not, release a controlled prospectus containing justrepparttar 119086 exciting points aboutrepparttar 119087 project and circulate it torepparttar 119088 top Venture Capital and Accountancy organisations. Make sure they all sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to releasing your full business plan and showing them your working models.

In summary,repparttar 119089 majority of successful dot-com companies do not happen by accident. Rather they arerepparttar 119090 result of painstaking research and planning by its owners. There are two ways to make a fortune fromrepparttar 119091 Internet. One is to sellrepparttar 119092 plans and project models to someone who can implement them, andrepparttar 119093 other is to raiserepparttar 119094 capital and floatrepparttar 119095 company onrepparttar 119096 Stock Market.

Whilstrepparttar 119097 latter is obviouslyrepparttar 119098 route to vast wealth and fame, in reality, most people will probably be happy with makingrepparttar 119099 odd million or two by selling their concepts and models torepparttar 119100 highest bidder. This really all depends on your own financial circumstances and business goals. Ifrepparttar 119101 goal is to make a lot of money, then it does not really matter which route you take as long as they take you closer to your destination and you eventually arrive.

The Internet offersrepparttar 119102 potential to make you serious money quickly in an open marketplace, howeverrepparttar 119103 road is paved with hard work, meticulous planning and attention to detail. Do this and you will eventually arrive and be listed inrepparttar 119104 ranks of successful dot-com millionaires, preferably withrepparttar 119105 cash inrepparttar 119106 bank to prove it.

Jim Barrington is the founder and Managing Director of The Barrington Group, The ASB and an Internet strategy and design company. E-Mail:- URL:-

Too Good to Be True??

Written by Nicole Seekely

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*!*! LENGTH OF AVAILABILITY *!*! As I see it,repparttar longer that freebie is out on repparttar 119082 market,repparttar 119083 less chance you'll see it in your mailbox. A good, quality freebie is uaully in high demand with thousands upon thousands of requests per day. How can a company afford to spend so much money? They only can to a certain extent.

For example,repparttar 119084 typical length for a free t-shirt offer to be available is 1-2 weeks. By two weeks,repparttar 119085 company has probably gotten over 50,000 requests. Now, if they keep up at this pace, they'll be bankrupt in a month. That's whyrepparttar 119086 offer only lasts a week; so they can afford it. Any longer meansrepparttar 119087 company probably isn't sending anything out. Hence, they're scamming you just to get some information from you.

I'm not stating that everything I've said applies 100% to every freebie or company. There are ALWAYS exceptions. Tons of free offers are out there onrepparttar 119088 internet. You've just got to have a watchful eye.

Nicole Seekely is the publisher of The Panda Pages Weekly e-zine. You can contact her at Also, visit her website at for freebies, cool sites, and more. To subscribe to her e-zine send an e-mail to

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