How to Be Successful Working From Home!

Written by Michele Miller

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So now you’ve got some ideas, what else do you need?

You need DISCIPLINE AND MOTIVATION. That’s as important as your business idea. You need to be a go-getter kind of person to have your own business. You need to be willing to get things offrepparttar ground yourself, and often willing to work for no financial return at first, or very little financial return. It helps to have vision; you have to sowrepparttar 117145 seeds to seerepparttar 117146 flowers. Overnight success is quite rare.

You can help yourself stay motivated by making a “to do list”, and working your business every day in some small or big way. It doesn’t really matter as long as you have a plan and keep chipping away at it until it happens.

You hear people say allrepparttar 117147 time that you need to set your goals, well you do, and a “to do list” will enable you to cross off things as you work through them, giving you a feeling of accomplishment as well.

Okay, what else do you need?


As you begin starting your own business, you may come across negative people who will discourage you and make you feel less confident. You must ignore these people and only let yourself focus onrepparttar 117148 positive. One day these people will eat their words. Try to find people who wantrepparttar 117149 same out of life as you do and mix with them. If you can, find yourself a mentor inrepparttar 117150 field you are going in to. This is a great help. You will be able to stay motivated about your future goals if you have someone to share them with. A mentor will also give you insights into your business and hopefully share with you how to avoid certain mistakes alongrepparttar 117151 way.

The last thing you need is FAITH – in yourself. So go ahead, start a home business – You won’t look back!

Michele Miller is a home based business owner and medical transcriptionist. You can visit her website at:

Website Development: Become Your Own Expert

Written by Theresa V. Wilson

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Investing in an inexpensive digital camera is worthrepparttar effort and cost. Your ability to take pictures of your product and download to your site provides immeasurable savings of time, money, and aggravation inrepparttar 117144 long haul.

Even when you turnrepparttar 117145 web site maintenance and operation over to marketing staff, as your business grows, there is something to be said for a business owner who can not only manage but has basic mastery of its internet operations.

5.How can they buyrepparttar 117146 product or userepparttar 117147 service? The Contact and Order Page provides easy access to you or a company representative—essential to business growth. In this fast paced society, people still want to know they can communicate and receive immediate responses to inquiries they may have and gain clarity aboutrepparttar 117148 services or products they are purchasing. This page can include an auto responder (auto responder means providing a section for automated responses to questions).

Individuals completerepparttar 117149 auto responder form on this page, including name and e-mail information. Inrepparttar 117150 comment section, they provide and specific concerns or questions. The message is automatically sent to your e-mail. You can automatically respond). This is a great way to build your customer base and attract new customers while exchanging information and ideas. Including Auto Responders also suggests you care about customer opinions and concerns.

As an order page, you can investigate several e-commerce companies that provide merchant accounts so that people can buy immediately. Pay Pal is one free merchant on line account services. Your customers identifyrepparttar 117151 product to purchase, can pay through a secured system and you follow up by shippingrepparttar 117152 orders. There is a charge forrepparttar 117153 sales transaction. There are others.

The important consideration is knowledge that you do not have to expend hundreds of dollars inrepparttar 117154 start up phase to enterrepparttar 117155 competitive market professionally, ready to serve your market.

Be Mindful of Traps

After reading this article, you may feel challenged byrepparttar 117156 process of web site development. My caution is that you take each step a bite at a time. If you decided to contract with an independent web site consultant, make sure you have direct contact with this individual via phone or visit. Prepare a list of questions including clarity aboutrepparttar 117157 level of control you will have over your site.

What isrepparttar 117158 rate for additional and ongoing costs? Haverepparttar 117159 consultant detail, in writing, exactly what is included inrepparttar 117160 basic development package, how they charge for maintenance ofrepparttar 117161 web site, and when does it begin (for some charges do not occur untilrepparttar 117162 site is up and running; for others charges begin as soon as they have completedrepparttar 117163 design).

Be surerepparttar 117164 final contract for service is in writing, providing a clause for both to terminaterepparttar 117165 agreement, with proper notice, without penalties for you. Ask questions! Ask questions! Ask Questions! The only stupid question isrepparttar 117166 one you don’t ask. The key is that you establish a comfort level before moving forward.

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Theresa V. Wilson, M.Ed. is a freelance writer and owner of a home based business dedicated to providing products and resources for grieving families and caregivers facing health recovery and crisis related issues. Her Grief and Health support sites are and

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