How to Be Remembered

Written by Kevin Nunley

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Learn you prospect's interests. For example, if they mention that they enjoy playing board games, then on your next visit bring them a small game. Make sure thatrepparttar gift is inexpensive and appropriate.

Build an emotional rapport. Talk about things you have in common. People enjoy buying from a salesperson who they feel is interested in them, not just their order.

You sell by being different! Perhaps it won't work 100% ofrepparttar 124464 time, but it is possible that sales could double or triple by being a little more creative. You can't lose a sale that you don't have.

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New Promotional Ideas That Work - Without Competition!

Written by Paulina Roe

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We have a fundraising website at - contact me and I can add your donation request torepparttar site and perhaps provide an avenue for a fundraiser to find you. This would be a benefit to your paid subscription to this newsletter.

This tactic does work - if people like your offering. I have used it at church silent auctions, and at swim team fundraisers. The woman with a store next to me has donated items to sporting events. It does bring in more awareness of your business, and should increase your sales. Make sure to include your business and contact information so that you will be recognized.

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