How to Be Productive

Written by Jude Wright

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How productive do you think you are? Spending valuable time randomly surfingrepparttar web may not lead you inrepparttar 116839 direction you want to go. But, if you plan on searchingrepparttar 116840 Internet for specific information (such as potential Joint Venture partners or design ideas), you will be investing toward your future achievements. Being busy doesn't necessarily mean that you are accomplishing your objectives.

Of course, you must expense some time toward "playing." Keeping a balance between work an play gives your brain a much needed rest. You may be surprised at what good ideas you can come up with when you're not stressing out about a problem.

When thinking about your overall productivity, remember that you can't really "manage" your time, but you CAN manage how you "use" your time.

Jude Wright has been an Internet Marketer for three years. She has just created a product that will help other Internet Marketers keep all their marketing information in one database. Check it out at:

Extra Income --- that would be nice

Written by Esther Smith

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Of course most of us cannot write a book or compose an opera in order to generate lasting Residual income. Butrepparttar Internet has given usrepparttar 116838 chance of a lifetime. There are many programs not worth their print, but there are others that will indeed, give yourepparttar 116839 Residual income we speak of. The trick here is to recognizerepparttar 116840 difference between hype and straight talkin’.

Just as we must first walk before we run – to become a Leader, we must follow.

The best place to look for an ‘honest’ Residual income is to find someone you trust and follow him/her. A name that you recognize, a name that has a substantial following already, a person who over-delivers on promises. These arerepparttar 116841 true “gurus” --- and if you’ve been onrepparttar 116842 Internet for more than a month, you know who they are.

All of them have programs designed to give you Residual incomes. Look over what they offer and make your choice. Give it everything you have in promoting it, and when you have it offrepparttar 116843 ground --- look for your next Residual source.

Success is a marathon, not a sprint. I did it -- so can you.

Esther Smith is editor of “Partners-For-Profit” Newsletter and copywriter for The Permanent Venture. Get FREE info on your best source of Residual income today: http:/ This is NOT a “work-for-me” program.

Esther Smith is editor of "Partners-For-Profit" Newsletter and copywriter for The Permanent Venture.

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