How to BEAT The ODDS!

Written by Bob Fioravante

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The above groups are simply "teaser" web sites that compel you to sign-up; and you may complete their form just to find out what they're selling. You are then contacted by a group member who tells yourepparttar real company he or she represents. Often this is a company you would have never pursued, hadrepparttar 117770 marketing group name not enticed you to sign-up.

FRONT-END ENROLLING Here's a strategy that seems to be growing in popularity. You give away a variety of freebies to people, some of which are quite appealing: E-Books, vacations, plane tickets, URL submission services, etc., and once people accept your free offer, they are "opted-in" to your contact list.

Then, you "got 'em!" You can now "drip market" your primary offer to them slowly, usually on a weekly basis. Some front-end enrolling strategies use low price products that are sold for a one-time fee. The rationale is that by earning a small fee onrepparttar 117771 front end, you can earn enough money to buy advertising for your primary opportunity, until you are safely in profit.

PORTFOLIO METHOD You might recognize this technique as "multiple streams of income." Here, you can join several opportunities either one-by-one, or all "under one roof!"

These networkers attempt to create a hedge against failure by joining many different affiliate programs or MLMs, thinking if one fails then at least they will have positions in other companies. I mean, they can't ALL fail, can they?

I haven't yet seen any "all under one roof" companies last very long, and as far as joining seven, fifteen, or twenty-five different many people can really specialize in that many different companies at once; not to mentionrepparttar 117772 sizable budget needed to advertise appropriately for each separate opportunity!

VIRAL MARKETING Viral marketing, also called word-of-mouth marketing, is a technique that is growing rapidly onrepparttar 117773 internet. It describes numerous strategies that encourage people to pass on a sales message to others. As these marketing messages are passed to others,repparttar 117774 potential for exponential growth is created throughrepparttar 117775 message's exposure and influence. Like viruses, this strategy takes advantage of rapid multiplication which can explode a message to thousands, perhaps millions.

An example of this strategy is Hotmail. When Hotmail users send an email, they "infect"repparttar 117776 receiver of their message with a tagline (atrepparttar 117777 bottom) that reads "Get your private, free email at"

Another example of viral marketing would include giving away your own E-Book. Onrepparttar 117778 cover of your e-book, or on several other pages within, you can imbed your URL, your email address, and other marketing information. All this marketing information propagates itself as your E-book is given away!

This technique is most effective when it involves giving a product away, and when it utilizes a vehicle that transfers repparttar 117779 product easily to others. The internet is an excellent "vehicle" for this purpose.

THE PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT FIRM This is a new concept. I only know of one professional management company that is successfully operating at this time, and they are doing quite well.

When you join this type of company, they place you in a permanent downline AND place you in a proven Network Marketing Company. Part of your monthly fee goes torepparttar 117780 management company, which does all your advertising, selling, and recruiting. The major part of your monthly fee goes to repparttar 117781 MLM for your monthly product order.

The management company builds your business until it reaches a specified dollar level. You haverepparttar 117782 option of doing some extra recruiting yourself, which will bring your target income to a higher level. An excellent feature of this plan is, if anything ever happens torepparttar 117783 MLM you are in (if they fold), your downline position remains intact and every member ofrepparttar 117784 firm moves together into a different MLM...your income remaining completely intact. Very smart!

Bob Fioravante, M.S.ed is a Professional Educator and Online Marketing Consultant. He specializes in providing network marketers with a lifetime monthly income, with absolutely no selling required. Email:

Leverage In Your Home-Business, Guarantees Success

Written by Jeff Coach

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differentiate you from your competitors, and more sales in less time. 2. GET YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMER'S TRUST ... ... get lots of orders, in minimum time If possible... let them see. Let them try. Let them use. Offer an unconditional guarantee. Build and quote proven, powerful and reputable testimonials. Start building locally, before you conquerrepparttar world onrepparttar 117769 internet. There's great leverage working locally and you can use both online and offline advertising. 3. PROSPECTING ... ... Maximum leads, in minimum time Use time and cost-effective ways to prospect and develop leads. Foe example: Locally: Use brochure holders in stores. Those are "quiet salesmen". Working for you 365 days a year!! (See my article about this incredible tool, how to put 10 holders in one hour, how to follow them up, ensuring an abundance of leads asking for your products.) Run surveys onrepparttar 117770 internet, in person or onrepparttar 117771 phone, to create many more of leads in a short time. One of my favorite prospecting tools. Advertise carefully onrepparttar 117772 internet, to get qualified leads in a low budget. Etc, etc,etc. 4. MORE ORDERS ... ... in less time Time-effective ways to PRESENTrepparttar 117773 product/service and CLOSErepparttar 117774 sale. Use technology to dorepparttar 117775 talking. Powerful proven selling web sites. Use autorepoder follow-up emails. Powerful teleconference calls. Multi-participants live presentation. Again, minimum time and money. Use ready made tools, at first. 5. MAKE CUSTOMERS SWEAR BY YOU ... ... for repeat business in quick time Great personal after sale service. Ensure product satisfaction and customers' loyalty. So you will create loyal customers, who will place repeat orders, get you referrals, and offer even persuasive testimonials to splash around. 6. KISS! (KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID) ... ... it saves time Make sure everything you do is simple and duplicable by others. "Simple" doesn't mean easy. It might take a short time- days, weeks. It might take months. Who cares? You're going to be financially independent, anyway. 7. ENCASH YOUR DREAMS. Be passionate about your dreams. With your "WHY". When repparttar 117776 WHY is big enough,repparttar 117777 HOW is easy. It will keep you persistent, until ... you achieve your goals. 8. KNOW YOUR PRODUCT INSIDE OUT. Experience your product/service, so that you become knowledgeable, involved and passionate about it. Your personal product story is a powerful leverage to your business. Especially, in case of noticeable and proven results. 9. LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Do everything yourself first, before you do it with others' help. Lead by example! The long and short of it all is, Make money in proportion torepparttar 117778 time you spend. You will then makerepparttar 117779 maximum profit inrepparttar 117780 minimum possible time per sale. Let me tell you a story of leverage. TOMMY'S MONEY SPINNER 5 years ago, I made a bold claim to my new and young associate. Tommy was 17 years old, when I introduced him torepparttar 117781 business. Still a high school student in New-Jersey. I told him, I could generate $100 profit or more within 3 hours ..., anytime I wanted. And I offered to teach him to dorepparttar 117782 same. He told me to "Prove it!". I taught and proved it to him. He earned $1680 in his first 6 weeks. Part time. He workedrepparttar 117783 business throughout College. Last year Thomas Joseph graduated from Columbia University, and in his last year, he earned over $100,000. Still part-time. Now, young Tommy is full-time, doingrepparttar 117784 business aroundrepparttar 117785 world, usingrepparttar 117786 internet, and is on his way to double his income. TAKE ADVANTAGE. USE LEVERAGE IN YOUR HOME BUSINESS.

Jeff Coach is a businessman, writer, marketing consultant and reputable trainer since 1968. Represents a Multi-Billion dollar International company, doing business in over 50 countries around the world. To see if you qualify for his mentoring program and home-based Internet business, please visit

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