How to Avoid the 11 Biggest Mistakes of First-Time

Written by Roger C. Parker

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7.“Event” writing

Write a little each day rather than “going away” to write your book.

Stress is an author’s biggest enemy. When you attempt marathon writing, you’re putting an unrealistic burden on yourself. “What happens if I come back and my book isn’t written?”

Commit to write 45 minutes a day. This reduces stress and continuously reengages your subconscious mind.


Avoid unnecessary self-editing. It’s far more important to completerepparttar first draft of your book than to agonize overrepparttar 124178 perfection of every word.

Editors will ensure that grammar is correct and ideas appear inrepparttar 124179 proper order. But, they can’t do anything until you submitrepparttar 124180 final manuscript.

9.Failure to promote

Publishers are not promoters. Publishers are skilled at editing, manufacturing, and distributing books. But, they are not set up to give your bookrepparttar 124181 marketing attention it deserves. A single publicist may represent over 100 books!

If you want your book to succeed, you have to promote it as well as write it.

10.Failure to backup and save

Save frequently when writing. Always save before printing. Never turn off your computer without making a copy of your files for off-premises storage. Never end a writing session without printing out a hard copy ofrepparttar 124182 latest version ofrepparttar 124183 chapter you’re writing.

11.Failure to plan future profits

Before writing your book, create a book marketing plan. Book sales should be justrepparttar 124184 first step in an ongoing relationship with your readers. Your plan should identify opportunities from consulting, newsletters, audio/video recordings, seminars, speeches, and yearly updates etc.


A book can, indeed, change your life. But, you must take charge take a proactive role in promoting and leveraging its success.

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Roger C. Parker is the $32,000,000 author with over 1.6 million copies in print

10 Steps to a GREAT Newsletter

Written by Claire Cunningham

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6) Select a Name -- Your “baby” needs a name. Choose something simple and relevant.

7) Develop a Design -- Determine format and length. Then select a simple design – and stick with it.

8) Assignrepparttar Task of Writing -- Designate a good writer, editor and proofreader – people who’ll respect your deadlines and tone.

9) Build Your Audience With Promotion -- There are lots of ways to build internal or external readership. Use them.

10)Keep It Going -- Plan ahead. Maintain your schedule. Be disciplined.

Don’t be afraid to call in help if you need it. Once you startrepparttar 124177 newsletter habit, it’s important to stick with it.

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