How to Avoid Speeding Fines

Written by John Sheridan

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You will inevitably moan and whine aboutrepparttar injustice of it all and try to think of some mitigating circumstances that you can put before a judge - and yet you could have avoided allrepparttar 151207 trouble by taking one easy single course of action that guarantees you won't have to pay a speeding fine - ever.

It is simply - Don’t speed!

If for whatever reason you are running late by say twenty to thirty minutes, it will be almost impossible to makerepparttar 151208 time up. The laws of physics, nature or whatever will not allow you to condense nearly half an hour into a couple of minutes; and you certainly can't reverse time back to where you want it.

Therefore, if you're late for a meeting - phone ahead and inform someone ofrepparttar 151209 delay. So what if you're late for work, do some extra time duringrepparttar 151210 day to make it up - it will work out a lot cheaper for you and a lot less dangerous for other road-users; and you stand a better chance of arriving in one piece.

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Tax Haven Threat

Written by Roger Munns

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Property Price Uncertainty

Both Monaco and Andorra’s property prices have seen a levelling off this year, according to Tribune Properties, but say this can be explained by factors other thanrepparttar new EU directive. Tribune say that in Monacorepparttar 151170 passing of Prince Rainier earlier this year cast a shadow overrepparttar 151171 Principality, while in Andorrarepparttar 151172 local market has slowed as Andorrans struggle to keep up withrepparttar 151173 price of property, fuelled by buyers from aroundrepparttar 151174 world seeking residency.

Two other factors have contributed torepparttar 151175 slow down inrepparttar 151176 first half ofrepparttar 151177 year which could be reversed inrepparttar 151178 second half –repparttar 151179 absence of UK buyers awaitingrepparttar 151180 outcome of their election in May which sawrepparttar 151181 Labour Government returned for a historic third term with Tony Blair as Prime Minister and possible tax rises inrepparttar 151182 pipeline, and buyers holding US dollars who were hit byrepparttar 151183 rise in value ofrepparttar 151184 Euro – which has now peaked followingrepparttar 151185 EU Constitution ‘No’ votes in France and The Netherlands in June.

Both Andorra and Monaco require new residents to live there for six months a year to maintain their residency (but Andorra doesn’t police this once residency is granted). Andorra property prices start from just over 200,000 Euros for a one bedroom apartment, while Monaco is more expensive with one bedroom apartments from around 600,000 Euros.

Tribune Properties offer details of properties for sale in both Andorra and Monaco. For Andorra property visit , for property and real estate in Monaco and Monte Carlo visit Property in Malta is also available at

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