How to Attract and Retain the Right People

Written by Michael Beck

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Mission: Mission isrepparttar "WHAT" ofrepparttar 119510 equation. Mission defines whatrepparttar 119511 company does to achieve its Purpose. The better defined a company’s mission is,repparttar 119512 easier it is to choose amongrepparttar 119513 many opportunities that will present themselves. A mission –repparttar 119514 means to achieverepparttar 119515 Purpose - can be fairly narrow or be somewhat broad. However, one that is too narrow can unduly restrict an organization from considering opportunities that would otherwise be an excellent fit, and one that is too broad offers no guidance at all and may cause an organization to spread itself too thin, do a poor job at everything, and essentially dilute its effectiveness.

How do you determine an appropriate mission? Again, remember to involve people throughoutrepparttar 119516 organization to develop and distillrepparttar 119517 essence of what your organization is about. Don’t simply rely onrepparttar 119518 executive level to develop and then dictaterepparttar 119519 mission torepparttar 119520 group. Work to strike that balance between clarity and confinement – not too broad, yet not overly restrictive.

Values: Values arerepparttar 119521 "HOW" ofrepparttar 119522 equation. Values define howrepparttar 119523 Mission will be carried out in an effort to achieverepparttar 119524 Purpose. They definerepparttar 119525 “rules ofrepparttar 119526 game”. Some of these values will come to mind quite easily, things like honesty, courtesy, kindness, and ethics. But some other important values will only surface when brainstorming takes place - when different perspectives and voices are heard. Values like authenticity and vulnerability may be placed onrepparttar 119527 table for consideration. (Which, byrepparttar 119528 way, are two essential qualities of an exceptional leader.) It doesn’t matter which values are decided upon as being important torepparttar 119529 company. What is important however, is that whatever they are, everyone inrepparttar 119530 company lives by and supports them. It’s important thatrepparttar 119531 policies and decisions ofrepparttar 119532 company are in alignment with them. Ifrepparttar 119533 company has an acknowledged list of values it purports to live by and then chooses to ignore them,repparttar 119534 list becomes a sore point and acts as a negative reflection of what kind of organization you really lead.

When a company has clearly defined its Purpose, Mission, and Values, then all decisions, policies, and actions will have a measuring stick to keep them on course and you will have an organization which attracts and keepsrepparttar 119535 best! You’ll create an organizational culture which naturally acts as a magnet to attract and retain like-minded people. And you’ll also haverepparttar 119536 framework to interview aboutrepparttar 119537 things that matter most to you and your organization. No longer will people be hired based solely on technical abilities or simply to fill seats.

Exceptional leadership inspiresrepparttar 119538 best effort in others!

Michael Beck is President of Exceptional Leadership, Inc., a leadership development and executive coaching firm dedicated to creating exceptional leadership for higher profits and greater job satisfaction. Michael can be reached at 877-977-8956 or, and you can learn more about the company and these ideas at

Attacked in the Jungle!

Written by Thomas Yoon

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Rain was falling all around inrepparttar early evening before we left. My team leftrepparttar 119509 base camp at about 6 p.m. The whole team walked in single file towardsrepparttar 119510 jungle camp. The jungle path was steep, muddy, slippery and full of protruding roots and rocks. Sharp torns onrepparttar 119511 jungle plants could easily cut anybody. My team reachedrepparttar 119512 jungle campsite at around 7.30 p.m. We quickly pitched camp, set up 3 hammocks, made a small fire for cooking, clearedrepparttar 119513 area of obstruction, and set up our defense. We ate our dinner very quickly as our cease-fire ends at 8.30 p.m. and we can expect any attack from our enemy from then onwards. Our food was simple camp food - rice, canned sardines, and canned beans. We had plenty of eggs, but these were our ammunition, not our food.

The Wargames was an eye-opener for us. We could experience how a soldier fighting inrepparttar 119514 jungle and going on a mission feels. It is to kill or be killed. He has to use his wits to survive. His eyes must be sharp. He must be sure where his enemies are and where his comrades are in order not to shoot his own people. His sentries must be alert allrepparttar 119515 time. His camp perimeter should have booby trap to prevent enemy's approach from an unexpected direction, maybe fromrepparttar 119516 tree tops…..

A lot happened duringrepparttar 119517 night. Each team has its own tale to tell. To make a long story short -repparttar 119518 mission was successful. But it was a long, long night.

Onrepparttar 119519 third day morning, allrepparttar 119520 teams made their way out of repparttar 119521 jungle at about 7.30 a.m. after breaking camp and packing. It was a battle-weary night. Allrepparttar 119522 teams who emerged fromrepparttar 119523 jungle were a sorry sight to behold. Covered with mud, and egg slime from head to toe, unkempt hair, wet clothing, tired bodies we were thankful to be able to reach base camp.

After washing up, we were transported by mini bus to a riverbank where lorry wheel inner tubes and bamboo had already been prepared. We were taught how to fabricate rafts, and whenrepparttar 119524 rafts were ready, we paddled downstream for about 3 miles and presented our prize (the flags) to a "Penghulu" (village headman) who was waiting there. The mission has been accomplished!

These were just brief summaries of what happened duringrepparttar 119525 Experiential Team Building exercise. It has taught in some way or another something of value to allrepparttar 119526 participants.

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