How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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Butterflies are attracted to areas of your gardens where they can gather food for their offspring. The caterpillar will eat fromrepparttar plants whilerepparttar 113399 adult butterflies will sip onrepparttar 113400 nectar ofrepparttar 113401 flowers. As your plants, shrubs, and flowers mature,repparttar 113402 amount of butterflies to your gardens will also increase. The plants and flowers that you put in your garden this year will attract only a few, but inrepparttar 113403 years to comerepparttar 113404 natural instinct ofrepparttar 113405 butterfly will lead them to your garden.

What isrepparttar 113406 adult butterfly searching for in your gardens? The butterfly searches for areas to take shelter fromrepparttar 113407 high winds,repparttar 113408 rains, andrepparttar 113409 summer storms. This is whererepparttar 113410 trees and shrubs in your gardens become important in protectingrepparttar 113411 butterfly and offering shelter. Duringrepparttar 113412 normal, warm sunny summer dayrepparttar 113413 butterfly wantsrepparttar 113414 wide-open areas of your lawn and garden.

Butterflies will seek soft soil that is sandy-like to find water. The sand-like soil that allows water to puddle up after a rainstorm is a butterflies delight. The developing stages ofrepparttar 113415 caterpillar torepparttar 113416 butterfly are observed often inrepparttar 113417 established butterfly garden.

By creatingrepparttar 113418 atmosphere inrepparttar 113419 garden that offersrepparttar 113420 shelter, food, water andrepparttar 113421 fragrancerepparttar 113422 butterfly is searching for you will have Butterfly Garden success.

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"Free Plants, Seeds and Flowers"

Written by Ben J. Mann

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No self-respecting home gardener would throw plants inrepparttar compost pile when someone else might like to have them in their yard? "I’ve already gotten free Irises, Columbine, Daylilies, Hosta, Azaleas, Liriope, and Pachysandra," said Stubblefield.

Any home gardener can dorepparttar 113398 same thing simply by finding what they want inrepparttar 113399 garden forums and responding or placing their own message. Most home gardeners enjoy giving away extra plants or exchanging them for something they don’t already have.

"Exchanging Plants, Seeds and Flowers isrepparttar 113400 Neighborly Thing To Do!"

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