How to Analysis Your Web Traffic For FREE For Maximum Profits

Written by Ross Reyman

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2) Use third party traffic services. Search engine lists Internet audits and some are found under web counter. I had one service that gave me 50 search engines. I found that I was getting a lot of hits at 3-4 am from England. It is useful to take your time in find a service because some are better than other by a big margin. Here are some addresses / and and /. Some are free, but some charge a small fee.

3) How about my web pages? I would like to find out if I have a site that people like and maybe I can advertise these pages. You might want to get a second traffic analysis or a web counter. Here is an idea. Get an account at Commission Junction, a company that has paying banner for over 500 merchants. Sign up for a banner and then placerepparttar banner atrepparttar 133617 bottom ofrepparttar 133618 page. You will be able to gain a commission and then you can look weekly to find how many people visited your site. Check at This is notrepparttar 133619 most perfect method and you can only haverepparttar 133620 banner on just one page atrepparttar 133621 one you are using for analysis. But it is better than paying for a second service.

Whatever, you do. You need traffic analysis and need to examinerepparttar 133622 sites in this article.

Ross Reyman owns the largest freebies site on the web for Internet marketers at /. This site has free ad, moneymakers, and free merchandise such as money. You might also want to read his magazine at /. He will always try to answer any question that you send him.

Hits, Unique Visitors and Page Views - Studying Web Traffic.

Written by Michael Bloch

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When you dividerepparttar number of visitors byrepparttar 133616 number of page views, this can give an excellent indication of whether traffic is transient or is staying on your site. Ifrepparttar 133617 average is one page or under, you can be pretty sure that there is something on your pages that is scaring people off. Perhapsrepparttar 133618 load time is too slow or your opening statement is inappropriate. Remember that due to bandwidth considerations, those first few elements that display as your page is loading may berepparttar 133619 deciding factor as to whether a visitor waits around forrepparttar 133620 entire page to load.

Studying your web site traffic can take up a fair amount of time, but it is definitely worth it. Of course in amongst all this you need to be able to makerepparttar 133621 time to carry out promotion, maintain linkages, develop new content etc etc etc. Running a large, content rich site is definitely not a part-time job!

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