How to Add MIDI to Your Computer

Written by Ross MacIver

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Now that everything is up and running, you can start making music! When building a song, itís usually easiest to lay down each instrument at a time. Start with a pre-recorded drum track and add a bass line to it. You can looprepparttar music so that only a section of it plays. For now, loop an 4-bar introduction and add a bass line torepparttar 137670 drums. You do this by selecting a bass sound onrepparttar 137671 MIDI keyboard and playing some notes. Everything you play will be recorded intorepparttar 137672 computer and you can continue to loop and add new notes.

Followrepparttar 137673 same procedure for each instrument until you have a nice sound. You can changerepparttar 137674 instruments at any time and use any ofrepparttar 137675 presets that are available on your MIDI keyboard.

Everything that is recorded intorepparttar 137676 MIDI software can be edited and manipulated in many ways. It is easy to fix wrong notes and drag notes to a new position. They can be made softer or louder, notes can be deleted or drawn in by hand, and individual notes or groups of notes can be played by any instrument. You are well on your way to polishing off your first MIDI song!

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What is Magic the Gathering?

Written by Sue Edmondson

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Magicrepparttar Gathering is a turn-based game. Every player starts with 20 life, and 7 cards and may take 1 card during each turn. After that their active phase comes where they can play a single land, and userepparttar 137430 mana it represents to cast their spells or creatures. Once a player has creatures in play, he or she has an attack phase. During this attack phase a player can attack withrepparttar 137431 creatures they control and if their opponents spells or creatures do not block them, they attackrepparttar 137432 player itself. That player might lose life equal torepparttar 137433 power ofrepparttar 137434 creature. Once a player has no cards left in his deck, or has lost all his 20 lives, he or she losesrepparttar 137435 game. (Unless they control a card that states otherwise.

The best way to start playing is to buy a Core Game, which is a two-player game box that contains everything you need to get started. Once you have masteredrepparttar 137436 basics ofrepparttar 137437 game, you can start buying booster packs and traderepparttar 137438 cards you don't need, and start to build decks that reflect your own style of playing.

Sue Edmondson is the founder and owner of a UK web site offering Magic the Gathering cards, theme decks, gaming accessories and free useful downloads for magic players.

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