How the Rich Build a Profitable Website

Written by Aaron Kater

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If you are an individual with a product, but no website, then go do these things and you can have a massive stream of income coming your way in no time. Also, you can license others to sell your product for you, on a commission basis, and all you have to do is cash incoming checks.

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Thanks for takingrepparttar 131646 time to make yourself rich!

Aaron Kater

Aaron Kater publishes an online article, Katerzine!, on his website at Please visit his website frequently, and on a regular basis, and be sure to advertise with him!

Aaron Kater publishes an online article, Katerzine!, on his website at Please visit his website frequently, and on a regular basis, and be sure to advertise with him!

Importance Of Having Your Own Domain Name

Written by Sumantra Roy

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4) Many search engines give a lot of emphasis torepparttar home page of a particular domain, i.e. other things remainingrepparttar 131644 same, a home page of a domain will often rank higher for a particular keyword than any other page. When you use some ofrepparttar 131645 free hosting services, your index.html page isrepparttar 131646 home page of your site, but not of that domain. Hence in these search engines, your site will find it very difficult to make it torepparttar 131647 top 20 or top 30, let alonerepparttar 131648 top 10 for some ofrepparttar 131649 really competitive keywords. Just think ofrepparttar 131650 amount of traffic that you will lose if this happens.

5) Some search engines are now refusing to spiderrepparttar 131651 web sites which are hosted byrepparttar 131652 free web hosts. For instance, if you have a site hosted byrepparttar 131653 free web hosts, you would, until recently, have gotrepparttar 131654 infamous error message saying that too many pages have been submitted from your site if you tried to submit your site to AltaVista. While AltaVista now says that "your URL has been submitted for processing" if you try to submit your site, rest assured that it will not spider any site belonging to many ofrepparttar 131655 free web hosts even though it says that your site has been accepted. Can you afford that?

6) When your site is hosted by some ofrepparttar 131656 free web hosts, you will find it very difficult to get it listed in a major directory like Yahoo!. Although Yahoo! will never admit that it won't add a commercial site which is being hosted in one ofrepparttar 131657 free web hosts, in practice, it will be a miracle if you can get your site listed by Yahoo!!. Listing your site with Yahoo! is difficult enough even when you have your own domain. Don't make your task more difficult than what it needs to be.

If you do not currently have a domain name, are you convinced that you need one right now? The small fee that you pay per year for your own domain name is peanuts compared torepparttar 131658 benefits that you get. You can check outrepparttar 131659 availability of domain names and register new domains at:

Article by Sumantra Roy. Sumantra is one of the most respected and recognized search engine positioning specialists on the Internet. For more articles on search engine placement, subscribe to his 1st Search Ranking Newsletter by going to http://www.1stSearchRanking.net

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