How the "Firefox: How to..." Manual Helped Me

Written by Garret Belisle

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So I am proud to introduce to you my newest product creation withrepparttar help of my programmer, S. Murphy, "Firefox: How to..."

This 82 page manual comes with complete screen shots to take you step by step throughrepparttar 143658 Firefox browser. Answering a wide variety of "How to's"repparttar 143659 screen shots quite literally show to go here, then go there, then go there...etc. So that you have a map to what you need to accomplish all laid out for you in a simple to read manual.

For more information on this manual and how it can and will improve your productivity.

Please visit: Firefox Mentor


Garret Belisle

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Contact Lenses : How to wear and not tear

Written by Peter Smithson

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Always handlerepparttar lenses with care and if by some occurrence you should happen to tear a lens, never re-use it. And, despiterepparttar 143648 urge when solution isn't available, never use saliva to moisten dry contacts. Your mouth is filled with bacteria that will contaminaterepparttar 143649 lens, possible causing an infection inrepparttar 143650 eye.

For daily wear contacts, it's good to take them out and clean them each evening and leave them in a solution over night. This keepsrepparttar 143651 lens clean and lubricated. It's a hard lessonrepparttar 143652 first time you insert a dirty lens on your eye or an eyelash is dislodged duringrepparttar 143653 insertion.

If that should happen, let your eye tear naturally - tears will often wash dust particles or an eyelash out.

Another handy tip that is rarely mentioned (although some people have certainly had a problem with it) isrepparttar 143654 drain plug inrepparttar 143655 sink. When adjusting your lenses, be sure your contact lens doesn't fall intorepparttar 143656 sink and go downrepparttar 143657 drain.

Most people lean towards their mirror so they can see what they are doing as they slip their contact lens into place. The act of leaning forward places you overrepparttar 143658 sink. It's a good idea to make surerepparttar 143659 drain is in place, just in case. =========================================================== Discover important advice and information about contact lenses. Are soft or hard best ? What'srepparttar 143660 best cleaning solutions ? For a comprehensive guide, Click

Peter has worn contact lenses all his life. He's tested different types, and explored all alternatives. In this series of articles he shares his advice and experiences.

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