How the Addition of DMAE to Copper Peptide boosts its' anti-aging power.

Written by Aleta Wells

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Dr. Perricone has well documentedrepparttar possitive lifting effects of DMAE in his New York best-seller "The Wrinkle Cure". Belle Saison isrepparttar 139227 only provider of both copper peptide and DMAE in one product. Best effects are obtained on mature skin that can also userepparttar 139228 extra emoilient qualities of meadowfoam seed oil,(triglyceride) that moisturizes like no oil can. The plumping up ofrepparttar 139229 skin tissues fromrepparttar 139230 copper peptide/DMAE mixture provides a superior age-defying result. This exclusive formulation is only found at A word of caution, though. If you are prone to acne breakouts, keep using copper peptide serum, alone.

Aleta has 25 years in the beauty and fitness industry.

Spring Fashion Freshness

Written by Estate Jewelry International

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Bangles are onrepparttar top ofrepparttar 139194 fashion radar this season. Load your arm from top to bottom, wear a single, mix and match materials, sizes and styles.

Wood jewelry isrepparttar 139195 top pick to go withrepparttar 139196 ethnic prints ofrepparttar 139197 season. There's some wonderful vintage pieces to be had for a reasonable price. The beauty about vintage isrepparttar 139198 exotic woods you can find which are no longer used today because of cost.

While you are busy uplifting your wardrobe and jewelry, why not uplift your body? Perhaps a new fragrance, a new hair cut or color, add some lighter shades to your makeup.

Remember to make your fashion statement you have to pamperrepparttar 139199 whole you! Spring is a time to rejuvenate, so take some time to rejuvenate not only your wardrobe but yourself.

Make your fashion statement!

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