How strange! The sky is blue!

Written by K.A.Cassimally

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You would however ask me why itísrepparttar blue rays, which get scattered, and notrepparttar 127653 indigo norrepparttar 127654 violet rays (the other colours pass throughrepparttar 127655 atmosphere remember Ė thereís also blue that pass through but it then gets scattered). Well in fact,repparttar 127656 shorterrepparttar 127657 wavelength,repparttar 127658 morerepparttar 127659 colour gets scattered. Violet, which hasrepparttar 127660 shortest wavelength of all colours ofrepparttar 127661 rainbow thus gets scattered more than blue rays do. Our eyes however are much more sensitive to blue than to violet andrepparttar 127662 sky therefore doesnít appear to be violet but blue (in realityrepparttar 127663 sky is violet-indigo!).

Now do takerepparttar 127664 time makingrepparttar 127665 following: Take a look atrepparttar 127666 horizon (if youíre atrepparttar 127667 seaside) and noterepparttar 127668 skyís colour there. No, itís not as blue asrepparttar 127669 rest ofrepparttar 127670 sky, is it? Itís much paler. This is because forrepparttar 127671 blue light to reach your eye, it has to travel more. Blue light will thus pass through more air consequently getting scattered more. Conclusion: less blue light reaches your eyes than compared to blue light from just above you.

K.A.Cassimally is the editor in chief of Astronomy Journal and Astronomy Journal Ezine. He is also the co-founder of the RCPL Astronomy Club. K.A.Cassimally is best known for his article 'Harry Potter and the Moons of Jupiter'. He is also Senior Columnist at where he writes 'Not Scientific Science'.

NABGG (Nat'l Assoc. of Black Geologists & Geophysicists) 23rd Annual Conference 9/15 Ė 9/18, 2004 - Austin, Texas

Written by Robert Johnson

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Technical Presentations, Career Fair, Tours, and Community Service Activities

In addition, many Texas state leaders are expected to attend this national convention. The convention promises to be an exciting one, so please begin planning to join us. We hope to see you in Austin!

About NABGG NABGG strives to increase minority representation inrepparttar geosciences through partnerships with academia and by mentoring undergraduate as well as graduate students. We are committed torepparttar 127652 continuous training and development of aspiring and practicing geoscientists.

Visit NABGG online:

NABGG 4212 San Felipe, Suite 420 Houston, Texas 77027-2902

Vice President , NABGG

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