How secure is your data? Preventing the theft of your internet property.

Written by John Miles

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After securing your serverrepparttar next thing to look at has to be ways of protectingrepparttar 131749 data. Most theft occurs directly fromrepparttar 131750 web site itself and if you’re trying to protect images, there are plenty of watermarking programs that can apply a watermark to your images. Take a look at for example and search for watermarking. You can also find hints and tips on preventing people from saving your files to their local pc on many sites, is a good source for free scripts and searching on Google for javascripts will reveal more sources.

The company inrepparttar 131751 example I used earlier had watermarking protection for all their images but, unfortunately for them,repparttar 131752 watermarking was dynamic meaning thatrepparttar 131753 images themselves were unwatermarked andrepparttar 131754 watermarking was applied whenrepparttar 131755 browser displayedrepparttar 131756 images. What this meant was that by stealingrepparttar 131757 images fromrepparttar 131758 server,repparttar 131759 thieves were able to take unwatermarked images.

There is a way around this and something like Strong Arm from can help by taking invisible watermarks or copyright information and embedding it directly intorepparttar 131760 image. Being able to positively identify a file on someone else’s website as belonging to you can be a strong persuader in making them remove your content from their site even if they feel they’ve bought it legitimately. By proving ownership of a file you can bring a large amount of pressure to bear and save yourselfrepparttar 131761 legal costs of issuing a cease and desist notice.

So far we’ve looked mainly at ways of preventing image theft. What if your site contains document files or exe files that you make available for download perhaps? How do you prevent them from being stolen? Including a copyright in a text document is something that everyone should be doing but it’s very easy to remove that and claimrepparttar 131762 work as your own. Givenrepparttar 131763 fact that you are allowing people to take these files from your site, you should be including a way of identifying them so that, if you see them on another site, you can prove ownership. Again something like Strong Arm can help.

Finally, having done what you can to preventrepparttar 131764 theft of your data, you need to check regularly that your web site is still secure and that your file protection systems are working. You also need to check whatrepparttar 131765 current trends are for data security by making sure you understand whererepparttar 131766 latest threats are coming from. Atrepparttar 131767 moment China and Russia arerepparttar 131768 two major culprits but this will probably change over time as less advanced countries come up to speed. New ways of stealing data are always just aroundrepparttar 131769 corner and you need to be one step aheadrepparttar 131770 whole time. It’s only by keeping on top of it that you can effectively preventrepparttar 131771 data you’ve bought and paid for being stolen!

John Miles is a security consultant and programmer. He deals on a daily basis with threats to web site security. With ten years in the computer industry he has seen the damage that can be done to a business by the theft of its intellectual property from a website.

E very Small Business Needs Two Websites

Written by John Jantsch

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It really doesn't matter what business you are in. An investment banking firm can benefit fromrepparttar same strategy.

Here'srepparttar 131747 reason. The major search engines want to index high quality information. A site about what a person can buy from you doesn't make that cut but a site with an article about how to cast in windy conditions does.

In addition, search engines take a look at sites that link to you and give your some points for that. A high quality how to site about fishing will draw plenty of related links. This will only help drive that traffic to even faster.

The cost of putting up a website is so low these days it's really a crime if you don't come up with about 10 reasons to have multiple sites.

Think of it this way. You need one site that presells and one site that sells. If this strategy even remotely makes sense to you then there is a book you should read today! It's called Make Your Site Sell. Go see for yourself

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant based in Kansas City, Mo. He writes frequently on real world small business marketing tactics and is the creator of “Duct Tape Marketing” a turn-key small business marketing system. Check out his blog at - get these kinds of killer tips weekly by sending an email to

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