How long have prescription eyeglasses been around?

Written by Timothy Gorman

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Benjamin Franklin is credited forrepparttar invention ofrepparttar 146149 bifocal lens. With a bifocal lensrepparttar 146150 bottom half is used for reading andrepparttar 146151 top half is for seeing objects that re further inrepparttar 146152 distance.

The first lenses inrepparttar 146153 prescription eyeglasses were made from quartz crystal and very low in quality and durability. Then inrepparttar 146154 early 1900's, Bausch and Lomb createdrepparttar 146155 glass lens. Today most prescription eyeglasses are made from a plastic material that can be polished and tinted like glass lenses. The advantage torepparttar 146156 plastic lens isrepparttar 146157 lighter weight ofrepparttar 146158 prescription eyeglasses as well asrepparttar 146159 durability is greatly increased.

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Written by Ratliff J

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