How important are back links?

Written by Jakob Jelling

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drop a hyperlink or a page may get accidentally deleted. Whenrepparttar Google robot goes through your website and finds a dead link it notes that you arenít keeping good care of your website and punishes your web rank by reducing its point value. If you wish to know what your sites current point value is download The Google Toolbar and search for your website inrepparttar 127894 box and perform a Google web search. Upon readingrepparttar 127895 full URL, Google will go directly to your site first thus pulling up your home page. There onrepparttar 127896 toolbar will be a page rank for your website between 1 and 10. 1 being a less visited and noted website and 10 a site that screams traffic 24/7.

Some ofrepparttar 127897 individuals you share reciprocal links with may in fact scan all their links for continuity, should they receive a bounce back for a broken link on your website you can be assured you will receive an email from them. Keeping your website in balance with other sites you share links with will keeprepparttar 127898 Google engine happy. If you go off and add a company that is not Google friendly, meaning they have no back links you may also lose points.

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Google, Wherefore Art Thou Google? Sites Abandoned by Googlebot!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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The solution to this dynamic URL problem has been discussed widely in search engine forums and solutions have been bandied about including software provided by SEO's, URL re-write techniques for dynamic pages on APACHE servers and PHP pages to generate search engine friendly URL's. Others recommend simply adding static HTML sitemap pages as alternatives forrepparttar search engine spiders.

In this instancerepparttar 127893 client's developer simply said "I can't do that (PHP solution) on this server". So we resorted to putting uprepparttar 127894 static HTML sitemap pages with hard-coded URLS torepparttar 127895 main 54 pages ofrepparttar 127896 site at This should get at least those fifty pages crawled by Googlebot, but Googles' spider appears not to be crawling this site at all.

How do we know this? See for yourself by usingrepparttar 127897 following query inrepparttar 127898 search box at Google: whererepparttar 127899 result page shows ONE page inrepparttar 127900 results. If you try that query on your own site (replace your own domain name for, you'll seerepparttar 127901 results lists ALL your pages.

The site home page was crawled by Google four months ago, when they took their "Cached Snapshot" ofrepparttar 127902 page. You can see this by visitingrepparttar 127903 Google cached page here: TF-8& whererepparttar 127904 date of this snapshot is "Apr 20, 2004 07:42:19 GMT" and they haven't been back since. The page in that snapshot has none ofrepparttar 127905 newly added links, an outdated title tag, and old content.

This problem is not unique to this site. One client we worked with two years ago had a dynamically generated, framed site! Those two site structures have always given search engines trouble. Their site was not crawled at all and onlyrepparttar 127906 front page showed up. Our solution was to create a second domain (owned byrepparttar 127907 client), which had static HTML pages that precisely mirroredrepparttar 127908 content ofrepparttar 127909 client's framed, dynamically generated site. Guess what happened after Googlebot crawledrepparttar 127910 static site? Google indexedrepparttar 127911 framed site in full and then bannedrepparttar 127912 static site fromrepparttar 127913 index!

Not an approach we advocate, butrepparttar 127914 one that worked for this client.

We're still searching for ways to get Googlebot back to before creating that new static site, but decided to share this odd experience withrepparttar 127915 SEO community before going to any extremes. Google provides over 70% of most search engine referred traffic to ALL of our clients and we realized we can't site idly by and see a major client languish because Googlebot didn't like what it found atrepparttar 127916 client site onrepparttar 127917 first visit four months ago.

This issue dogs newer sites in other places as well. The Open Directory Project has also become notoriously slow in adding new sites torepparttar 127918 directory and in this case, has not picked up this site even after 6 regular monthly submissions. The web playing field may have begun tilting toward older, established sites and away from new ones.

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