How having a stutter affected my life

Written by Stephen Hill

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3.There will be more pressure atrepparttar new school,repparttar 145783 work will be harder, you hear allrepparttar 145784 stories of people having their heads flushed downrepparttar 145785 toilet or their money stolen fromrepparttar 145786 older pupils.

These thoughts made me extremely worried and nervous aboutrepparttar 145787 future.

The first day of senior school turned out to be a nightmare. After being split into three classes we were shown to our form rooms. Then a confident and smiling man (our Form Teacher) enteredrepparttar 145788 room and proceeded to welcome us into our new school. He then introduced himself and then to my horror said “as most of you do not know each other, I would like you each in turn to stand up and say your name and tell us which junior school you were at previously”. This was not a good start and predictably when it was my turn to speak, I stuttered. People knew straight away about my speech impediment, some laughed and I now had to face this on my own as my best friend fromrepparttar 145789 previous school was no longer around to help.

I had to grow up quickly but soon became quite depressed and my five years in senior school were by farrepparttar 145790 worst years in my life with stupid comments from certain adults not helping such as “these arerepparttar 145791 best days of your life so enjoy them”. This statement was apparently supposed to make me feel better!

Various days stick in my mind from school but by farrepparttar 145792 worst day was when I was around fourteen years of age. I was in a science class and we had just had a test. The teacher said “to mark this test, I want each of you in turn to stand up, read outrepparttar 145793 question, and then tell usrepparttar 145794 answer”. They started onrepparttar 145795 front row of which there were four people,repparttar 145796 second row had three, and I wasrepparttar 145797 third person onrepparttar 145798 third row, therefore I would have to read out question ten. I scanned down torepparttar 145799 question and to my dismay there was a “b” word inrepparttar 145800 question. Typically I stuttered when attempting to readrepparttar 145801 question and various people inrepparttar 145802 class began to laugh. I put my head in my hands to avoid seeing their joyful faces and then started to think, why have I got this problem when everyone is fluent? Why does everyone laugh? Will I always have this stutter? The laughter seemed to last for ages and eventually I looked up atrepparttar 145803 teacher, hoping he would help by controllingrepparttar 145804 class but to my disgust he was laughing himself.

I decided that after taking my GCSE’s thatrepparttar 145805 best thing I could do was to leave school and to try and find employment. I left school at sixteen after passing seven GCSE’s grade C and above. People were shocked at my decision, especially my family and asked me why I was leaving; I didn’t feel able to tell themrepparttar 145806 truth and stated that I wanted to earn some money etc.

Trying to find employment became yet another struggle, what work could I do with a stutter? I thought I could work as a simple filing clerk in an office and started to write to different companies. I then hadrepparttar 145807 pressure ofrepparttar 145808 interviews which I could virtually guarantee I would stutter at. I was accepted after six months of trying by an insurance company,repparttar 145809 company had a grading system and I was to be onrepparttar 145810 lowest grade. The role was simple and mainly involved filing papers. I decided to takerepparttar 145811 insurance exams and became qualified to be a Financial Advisor atrepparttar 145812 age of 22. The success inrepparttar 145813 exams helped my career and after a slow start quickly progressed uprepparttar 145814 grades to become a Team Leader (Grade 6), again atrepparttar 145815 age of 22. Having a stutter had not hindered my progress but had made life difficult at work.

My first promotion led to me having to answer and make telephone calls. The telephone for me was my worst area of speech and I found it especially difficult inrepparttar 145816 workplace.

The Team Leader position would put a lot of pressure on my speech as I had to interview people, attend meetings, make pressure phone calls, and appraise and lead a team of ten people. I felt I had reachedrepparttar 145817 stage where I had to overcomerepparttar 145818 stutter.

Stephen Hill is somebody who has overcome a stammer/stutter and who now helps other people to achieve fluency. Stephen runs one to one speech courses held in Birmingham, England. For people who are unable to attend there is a seventy minute dvd available.

Vitamin Smoothies to Beat the Summer Heat

Written by Jeff Matson

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Who Drinks Them? Individuals, with busy schedules who require and extra "kick" to help them get throughrepparttar day, will often use energy drinks forrepparttar 145782 uplift they need.

  • Vitamin Smoothies - Vitamin smoothies which use pure fruit with no added sugar can have great nutritional value. Beverages such as these providerepparttar 145783 individual with a significant amount of Vitamin B and C as well as fibers and minerals. Forrepparttar 145784 healthiest form of smoothie, do not use cream, ice cream whole milk or peanut butter. For best results, used crushed ice and pure fruit juice.

    Who Drinks Them? Anyone looking to maintain a healthy diet is most likely to drink these beverages. They are a great alternative to ice cream, pop or iced tea and provide vitamins and minerals which are great for healthy living. Now that you have become familiar withrepparttar 145785 different types of smoothies, maybe you would like to try making your own at home. Making your own smoothie is as easy as 1-2-3, literally! Readrepparttar 145786 directions below to find out at to make great-tasting smoothies inrepparttar 145787 comfort of your own home:

    1. Chooserepparttar 145788 kind of fruit you want to use (strawberries, blueberries, oranges, bananas etc)
    2. Blendrepparttar 145789 fruits that you chose with crushed ice (or fruit juice or yogurt) in a blender.
    3. Pour into a cup and serve.

    Whether you purchase them from a store or make them yourself, smoothies are an easy, healthy way to beatrepparttar 145790 summer heat and cool off on a hot summer day.

    Jeff Matson is an avid health enthusiast who owned and operated his own natural health food store. Now retired, Jeff spends his time keeping fit, walking marathons and writing articles as a contributing editor for - a site that offers information on vitamins and minerals.

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