How eBooks can be very valuable

Written by Andy George

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With eBooksrepparttar skyrepparttar 108407 limit! The eBook may be sold onrepparttar 108408 Internet to anyone who has a credit card and an Internet connection in any place inrepparttar 108409 world. Since an author can controlrepparttar 108410 topics of their book, they can decide whom to market to.

However with a traditional book it may be difficult to expand to new markets since it will involve further significant costs on distribution and marketing.

High profit potential

EBooks can be produced on a shoestring budget but since customers may believe they offer value for money,repparttar 108411 author may charge more for them than expected. It is not impossible for almost everything grossed from an eBook being profit.

Onrepparttar 108412 other hand traditional books have high production and marketing costs and this meansrepparttar 108413 author (unless they are very popular) will have great difficulty in recovering these costs and making a profit.

More versatile than traditional books

EBooks could be used for a number of purposes. The most common method is forrepparttar 108414 sale ofrepparttar 108415 eBook. However an eBook could be used as a free gift to customers to entice them to buy a product from you. It can also be transformed into audiocassettes or digital products.

To conclude eBooks are a very valuable tool that could be used as a profit centre, as a publishing tool or as a marketing tool. It has many advantages overrepparttar 108416 traditional book.

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Andy George is a chartered accountant born in England. Andy was a financial correspondent for eight years at the Cyprus Financial Mirror where he wrote articles on business and accounting related issues to a non-technical audience.

He is the author of eBooks: How to write and Publish Your Own With a Shoestring Budget New! Easy Way to Make Auto-pilot Income

How to Prevent Theft of Your Ebooks - Part 2: Stop Illegal Downloads

Written by Michael Hopkins & Jeff McCall

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NOTE: I've placed dots (.) afterrepparttar "<" in allrepparttar 108406 lines above. This is to ensure thatrepparttar 108407 code shows up properly here. When using this on your web page, remove those dots. NOTE: Be sure to replacerepparttar 108408 URL withrepparttar 108409 address you want to re-directrepparttar 108410 visitor to.


It's amazing how many download pages you'll find viarepparttar 108411 search engines if you put your mind to it. In fact, one search I just ran on Google turned up two download pages onrepparttar 108412 first page of results (albeit both fromrepparttar 108413 same website).

To get around this, you need to ensure thatrepparttar 108414 search engines do not include your download pages in their index.

To do this, just placerepparttar 108415 following snippet of code betweenrepparttar 108416 <.head> and <./head> tags atrepparttar 108417 top of your download page's HTML...(again, removerepparttar 108418 dot)

<.meta name="robots" content="nofollow,noindex">


PayPal is a great service but it has a gaping security hole that affects anyone selling downloadable products.

When you sell via PayPal, evenrepparttar 108419 most amateur of hackers can find outrepparttar 108420 location of your download page just by looking atrepparttar 108421 HTML code on your sales page.

One way around this is to use HTML encryption software to renderrepparttar 108422 HTML of your sales page un-readable. While this will stoprepparttar 108423 majority of hackers,repparttar 108424 more determined ones will probably be able to crackrepparttar 108425 code.

Another approach is to use specialized software like 'PayLock Generator' ( which creates highly encrypted PayPal order buttons that are very difficult to crack.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you've followedrepparttar 108426 steps outlined above, then you've gone some way towards protecting your digital products. It's not 100% protection, however, which is why I recommend changing your download links regularly. This will help ensure that, if someone does manage to access your products, and has been leaving your download links on forums or whatever, then you'll be able to cut them off.


If someone is giving your ebook away for free, it's not a given that everyone who downloads it will be as dishonest asrepparttar 108427 one giving it away. It's a good idea to place a prominent statement inside your ebook explaining that it's not a free ebook. Ask readers to contact you if they receivedrepparttar 108428 ebook for free explaining where they downloaded it. You might consider offering a small 'reward' for takingrepparttar 108429 time to contact you.

Okay, those arerepparttar 108430 basic steps you can (and should) take to protect your downloads. If you're worried that this isn't enough, then you'll find some additional resources below that really gorepparttar 108431 extra mile. (I use these myself so I can testify to their worth).

Just one final point... after you makerepparttar 108432 changes outlined above, be sure to double-check everything is working okay.

Michael Hopkins is owner of BizzyDays Ebook Publications. Visit now to download original ebooks for FREE at:

Jeff McCall is author of Ebiz Bodyguard, one of the most comprehensive guides to online business protection currently available. Download a free sample of Ebiz Bodyguard at:

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