How e-business and e-Marketing are changing

Written by Yogesh Ahire

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almost Every Company having their websites to attract online Buyers Traffic. Now days Many Leading portals helping Companies to build Online Stores to bring huge buyers customers traffic for their products and Services. Many companies offering Backlinks to Increaserepparttar Ranking in many Leading Search Engines. Companies understand now that Backlinks Building can be helpful to increase Search Engines Ranking. Search Engines Submissions, Business-to-Business Directories Submissions, RSS submissions etc. are some ways to increase Backlinks. Companies also Started concentrating on keyword eMarketing, companies understands now days that keyword can bring Buyers Traffic on their online sales Channels websites. Companies also started creating data feeds for many shopping websites to increase buyer’s traffic on their websites.

Products Delivery:

Software and Music Companies Successfully using Internet as a delivery tool torepparttar 148937 Customers. Software and Music can be instantly delivered torepparttar 148938 Customer so that Software and Music isrepparttar 148939 most sellable thing on Internet. After Software and Music, Books having biggest marketplace on Internet and Day by day many products also Increasing Market Share on Internet Marketplace.

Yogesh Ahire is e-Marketing Consultant In Mumbai/India and Author of ebook e-Marketing Whitebook


Why Submitting Articles Gnaws at You Like an Unsent Thank-You Note

Written by Lynella Grant

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2. I’m not a writer - I can’t write What special skills do you have that people want to know? If you’ve mastered your field or deal with customers, you’ve gained specific expertise. You help people make decisions. Answer their concerns. Certain problems come up time and again. And you know how to handle them—can explain them in your sleep. That makes you a natural to write how-to articles. Or checklists. Or tell a success story readers can learn from. In-depth "here’s what to do" articles are always in demand. Don’t be afraid of being too specific. Just steer clear of jargon.

3. Assorted Objections - It takes too long, too much work - I wouldn’t know what to do with them, once they’re written - I can’t face another learning curve - I only have local clients, or no website - I’m not sure it works

Solutions for such objections can be easily found - if you want to move past excuses. Hundreds of in-depth articles are yours forrepparttar reading at Article Marketing Academy, You’ll find that once you’ve started it gets easier. And your articles get better. Best of all you’re not fooling yourself about whether you could.

Do Not Write Articles forrepparttar 148795 Wrong Reason

Steer clear of these motivations. Too many articles are simply recycled information, served up without much food value. Those aren’t worth reading - or writing. No one is fooled whenrepparttar 148796 article is a thinly-disguised promo piece that wastesrepparttar 148797 reader’s time. Equally bad are keyword packed articles written only for search-engine ratings.

To quote Christopher Knight’s blog (the 800# gorilla of article sites), "One class lower than SEO Authors, in terms of sophistication, isrepparttar 148798 new breed of what I call: "PR Article Authors". These are PR (Public Relations) drones who think they can just submit a press release as if it were an educational and informative article."

There’s an etiquette of what’s proper as well as a learning curve. Butrepparttar 148799 rewards are worthrepparttar 148800 effort. And you’re building a new mental muscle. Just write a few articles and see what happens. You’ve got nothing to lose but your excuses.

--Dr. Lynella Grant Consultant and Author - Promote yourself, business, website, or book with online articles Free how-to. Or let me write and submit your articles online for you. No learning curves (719)395-9450

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