How do you make your Harley Davidson look and feel like an extension of yourself!

Written by Keith Nivon

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Are you a speed demon that likes to lay rubber onrepparttar road every now and then. Do you get a kick out of doing a little showing off at bike rallies to friends and family? Do you like to participate in show and shine contests?

If you are this person you may want to look at getting your engine rebuilt for increased horsepower. You can't go wrong with a lot of Harley chrome either. Just when you think you have had enough of chrome, you find some more in that catalog.

Don't worry, there is a chrome Harley Davidson motorcycle built to date.

Your style may be a little more subdued. Your main motorcycling purpose in life may be riderepparttar 102702 road and not waste time with anything else. You would have to agree, most people still want to look good riding a Harley.

If you are this person you may only want one or two Accessories. A nice luggage bag that slips over that backrest on your bike looks good when you are on a long trip and it serves a purpose.

Every Harley Davidson owner at some time or another has thought about adding an accessory to his or her motorcycle. You rarely see a stock Harley Davidson!

Keep in mindrepparttar 102703 kind of person you are when making Harley Davidson Accessory choices. A properly customized Harley is above all else, an extension ofrepparttar 102704 owner who rides it.

Keith Nivon is an avid HD Motorcycle Enthusiast! His website contains information on all things Harley Davidson. is a great resource for anyone who shares his passion for Harleys. Have a look here for specific info on suppliers.

Teen Driving Statistics

Written by Melih Oztalay

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National Safety Council

  • In 2000, 6,495 people betweenrepparttar ages of 15 and 20 were killed in motor vehicle crashes—the leading cause of death for this age group. And although young drivers represent only 6.6% ofrepparttar 102701 nation's licensed drivers, they are involved in 14.8% of fatal crashes. The National Safety Council urges all parents to familiarize themselves withrepparttar 102702 risks associated with young, inexperienced drivers.
  • Traffic crashes arerepparttar 102703 number one cause of death among children and young adults.
  • More than 3,800 young drivers age 15-20 are killed every year in traffic crashes.
  • More than 326,000 young drivers are injured.
  • Young drivers are involved in fatal traffic crashes at over twicerepparttar 102704 rate asrepparttar 102705 rest ofrepparttar 102706 population.
  • Exceedingrepparttar 102707 posted speed limit or driving at an unsafe speed isrepparttar 102708 most common error in fatal accidents.
  • About 30% of crashes killing young drivers involve alcohol.
  • More than 1,000 young drivers lose their lives every year in crashes because of an impaired driver... be it themselves, or someone else.
Sean Mullsteff Teen Driving Foundation
  • The number one cause of death for 15-20 year olds is car collisions.
  • This age group makes up 7% of licensed drivers, but suffers 14% of fatalities and 20% of all reported collisions.
  • 53% of teen driver deaths occur on weekends.
  • Teen drivers killed in motor vehicle collisions had a youth passenger inrepparttar 102709 automobile 45% ofrepparttar 102710 time.
  • In 2002, The National Center for Statistics and Analysis reported that 8,278 adolescents (ages 15-20) were involved in fatal crashes.
  • 324,000 teens were injured in collisions in 2002.
  • 65% of teen passenger deaths occur with a teen driving.
  • Teen lifestyle of staying up late make teen drivers a high risk to have an automobile collision due to drowsiness.
  • More than any age group, teens are likely to be involved in a single vehicle crash.

Melih Oztalay, CEO Auto Safety Magnets

Auto Safety Magnets helps teen drivers while operating their unmarked family vehicle by increasing road awareness, traffic safety and reducing driver frustration.

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