How do you Cope?

Written by David Wakerley

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3. What to do now

Explore new partnerships and alliances with other similar minded people. Most people would be happy and willing to swap ezine articles, ad space, hints and tips. The marketing `guru' may be out of your reach but there are plenty of people that are just starting out. Remember there tens of thousands of people joiningrepparttar Internet every day. Many of them are aware of, or have been stung by, one ofrepparttar 101840 numerous Internet scams. Most have been disillusioned by hyped money-making schemes. The only way to overcome this obstacle is to build credibility. This takes time and effort, but it isrepparttar 101841 key to long-term success in Internet business.

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The Concept Of Life - By the Numbers

Written by David Stoddard

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* You don't have to be on Oprah to make a difference in someone's life.

7 years ago, I lost contact with a friend of mine since high school. Through no one person's fault, we just never got around to calling or writing each other since.

* Friendship is a 2-way street.

3 years ago, I took a chance. In some respects, it closed doors to being able to go back to what I once was. But it has also opened up other opportunities and contacts with people I probably would never have known.

* You can't grow until you take a few chances.

2 months ago, I bought a bicycle. I started off fromrepparttar house and road ontorepparttar 101839 trails in back. Looking around, there were no children around riding or walking or anything. It was as if they had been locked away.

* Times have changed, especially forrepparttar 101840 kids.

1 day ago, I was being followed by a white van onrepparttar 101841 highway. Thoughts rushed through my mind of recent events near Washington DC. Could this berepparttar 101842 same person? Is it possible that he/she would be allrepparttar 101843 way in Missouri by now? Turned out to only be an ice cream truck. (Complete with ringing bell).

* Things certainly are not like they used to be any more.

Today, we haverepparttar 101844 chance to changerepparttar 101845 future. We haverepparttar 101846 opportunity to teach and lead and grow and understand. We can learn from our past without being prisoner to it. We may not be able to go back with what we know now, but we can, and must go forward.

The key to life is always learning, always growing and ever forward. Be sure to stop and smellrepparttar 101847 flowers alongrepparttar 101848 way. It's what makesrepparttar 101849 journey special. Tomorrow will most likely arrive. And we will be ready for it. For everything we have learned has brought us to this point.

We will takerepparttar 101850 necessary precautions, adjust accordingly, but never stop living our lives. You can count on that.

David is a freelance writer, trainer, emerging motivational speaker and humorist. Pick up a copy of "In Search Of Ourselves" Just for subscribing to David's newsletter "Que Sera Sera". Visit online at

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