How do I communicate with God?

Written by Terry Dashner

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In John’s Gospel chapter 11, Jesus communicated his deep emotions to Lazarus’s family by groaning inrepparttar spirit, and weeping. He didn’t speak His grief because Lazarus was dead, He groaned inrepparttar 136215 spirit, and He wept. That’s powerful communication. Why do I say this? Jesus groaned inrepparttar 136216 spirit, wept and then communicated His power over death by calling Lazarus out ofrepparttar 136217 grave. Jesus communicated His power over sin, disease, and death by sometimes speaking torepparttar 136218 problem. He sometimes touchedrepparttar 136219 problem with His hands. He sometimes wrote words inrepparttar 136220 sand, but every time He did one orrepparttar 136221 other, He communicated.

The next time you hear a believer communicate with God, take note how she does it. She may stand in silence before God. She may bow down and kissrepparttar 136222 earth. She may scream atrepparttar 136223 top of her lungs. She may wave her hands inrepparttar 136224 air. She may speak inarticulate syllables (unknown tongues). But, take note. God is hearing and responding to her heart, not so much what’s in her head. And sometimesrepparttar 136225 expressions ofrepparttar 136226 heart can only be communicated by animated movement, groans, sobs, shouts, or silent awe. Thank God that He understands languages besides English. I thank God that He has been hearing me for decades even when I refrain from English and begin praying inrepparttar 136227 Holy Spirit. The bottom line is communication and dialogue because my relationship with God is essential.

Keeprepparttar 136228 faith. Stayrepparttar 136229 course. Jesus is coming soon.

Pastor T. dash….

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK.

The Real Black Magic

Written by Tobias Lars

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Role Models? Those who preach about “role models”repparttar most often arerepparttar 136131 ones who setrepparttar 136132 worst examples. This makes sense since any psychologist worth his diploma will tell you that whatever we “crusade” against or for usually isrepparttar 136133 unbalanced part of our selves. We’re fighting our own demons, our “shadow” that we can’t accept as part of ourselves. So we then project it “out there” outside of ourselves. That’s why you haverepparttar 136134 leading arson investigator inrepparttar 136135 whole country,repparttar 136136 “expert”, setting fires everywhere he travels to give his “expert” seminars. That’s why oftenrepparttar 136137 moral crusader against “pornography” is found frequentingrepparttar 136138 prostitutes in his town. That’s whyrepparttar 136139 federal judge is caught red handed byrepparttar 136140 FBI mailing terrorist threats to his mistress so he can “save” her fromrepparttar 136141 “bad guy” and win her back. That’s whyrepparttar 136142 minister of God actually hires a hit man to kill his rival minister, and a million other examples. The preceding are all true examples byrepparttar 136143 way taken directly from investigative TV shows like 60 Minutes, Dateline and 20/20. So when government leaders pontificate aboutrepparttar 136144 need for setting good role models then go and start wars, refuse to negotiate with their “enemy” even though their self professed holy book,repparttar 136145 Bible, says to go to your enemy 7x7x7 times and try to work it out before resorting to force, it makes sense. We can’t see our own blind spots.

My Trial Lawyer is Bigger than yours! So we get a schizoid population. We say “tellrepparttar 136146 truth” but we don’t. Just look atrepparttar 136147 legal system. Power today in America translates to $ that can buyrepparttar 136148 best lawyers and “expert” witnesses that will lie for you for money. “My trial lawyer is better than yours.” My war chest is bigger than yours. I haverepparttar 136149 $ to buyrepparttar 136150 consultants that will handpick a jury that will get me off. Where is “equal justice underrepparttar 136151 law” in this? Byrepparttar 136152 way,repparttar 136153 feeders on this system will userepparttar 136154 same “openness isrepparttar 136155 best policy”, “we should trust one another”, argument to get you to lay your cards onrepparttar 136156 table and then use that information to skewer you. The only safe place is for us to get back in touch with our Intuition which will protect us and instantly tell us people’s hearts and help us see throughrepparttar 136157 fancy words. The perfect bullshit detector is your heart. It will tell you when to stand up and walk out no matter whatrepparttar 136158 “image” looks like or how rightrepparttar 136159 words sound. “Sounds right, feels wrong” is often helpful advice. When we listen to our Intuition, our direct connect with God then also God-Love-Source-our own Higher Intelligence works in “mysterious ways” to assist us.

The Most Expensive Commodity inrepparttar 136160 Universe! Do you want real power? Open up to your heart. There we will find an unlimited source of energy and power that no one can take away from us but that others that have not opened themselves to this Source of All will want and will tempt you in every conceivable way to give to them because this Heart Energy isrepparttar 136161 highest commodity inrepparttar 136162 universe. And you have direct access to this most valued commodity of Love, of Wise Innocence, of Power in your heart where you can commune directly withrepparttar 136163 Source of All. This direct communion with God, withrepparttar 136164 Source of All, short circuits allrepparttar 136165 “black magic” out there. It simply won’t work on you. You won’t have to knowrepparttar 136166 details; it will simply not exist in your reality and “legions” of angels will come to your aid. This is absolutely true and no one can stop you from using this power.

Tobias Lars B.S., MBA, Mensa, of Sedona is a Spiritual Healer and Business Consultant with over 25 years experience in physical and spiritual healing. He currently works as a spiritual counselor focusing on Soul Activations and Soul Counseling. He can be reached at 602.672.5539 or

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