How cloaking your links can save you both time and money

Written by Hannes Johnson

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I could then later on when I hadrepparttar time go findrepparttar 102363 places where I had been promotingrepparttar 102364 program and updaterepparttar 102365 information. I could even just skip that if I didn't want to, and ifrepparttar 102366 information promoting that URL wasn't misleading, related torepparttar 102367 new URL. But even if you want to updaterepparttar 102368 information or deleterepparttar 102369 link sometimes you can't. For example, on certain places where you buy text links, etc.; then instead of that link promoting a program you're no longer affiliated with you are able to promote another website, without any major effort.

* Tip: Even after you've gone throughrepparttar 102370 websites where you had put your cloaked link and removed it I would recommend keepingrepparttar 102371 file on your domain because there might be a few "ghosts" left out there onrepparttar 102372 internet who still link to this file.

Also, ifrepparttar 102373 product or service you're promoting changes its affiliate system and you have to use a different URL to get commissions you can just easily updaterepparttar 102374 URL through your cloaking file - and you'll not lose commissions by having an old, unusable link out there onrepparttar 102375 internet.

Resources To Help You Cloak Links ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you don't know how to create HTML files and edit them or if you don't trust yourself to do it there are many services available to help you:

* AdTrackz Software (highly recommended). This one creates a frame-based cloak file automatically and javascript-encodesrepparttar 102376 source code which makes it close to impossble for people to steal your hard earned commission: * Affiliate Link Cloaker - makes it all easy and secure: * NameStick - cloak a link with an easy to remember domain: * TinyURL - cloak a link with 1 click: * shorlify - like TinyURL, but with statistics too: * - one ofrepparttar 102377 many free forwarding services out there: * - another free forwarding service: * Free .tk domain - get your own domain for free, pretty cool:

Here are some places that provide you with free webspace where you can put your cloaking HTML files:

* * * * ...if you want more places just do a Google search.

Although free webspaces are nice I would recommend puttingrepparttar 102378 cloaking files on your own domain, where you have total control and don't risk losing your files or being blocked by bandwidth limits. Therefore I would recommend these hosting solutions >>

* Host4Profit - 300 MB webspace, 10 GB bandwith, great support: * iProBuilder - set up a profit-pulling website in 24 hours or less... - unlimited storage space!:

Conclusion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As an extra bonus, while you're using your cloaked links to promote on various websites you automatically increase your search engine rankings because of allrepparttar 102379 incoming links to your domain ;) Plus, you'll also be increasing your Alexa ranking because ofrepparttar 102380 extra page views.

So, to save you both time and money:

* Cloak your affiliate URL usingrepparttar 102381 methods and services I mentioned above * Promote that cloaked link wherever you can * Cash in those bigger commission checks * ..and if you decide to leaverepparttar 102382 program just edit that one file you created on your domain :)

Thanks for reading.

About The Author ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hannes Johnson isrepparttar 102383 author ofrepparttar 102384 book "Residual Website Traffic" ( ) and maintains The Home Biz Blog ( ), where this article was first published. To subscribe to his Home Business Tips Newsletter send a blank e-mail to: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hannes Johnson is the author of the book "Residual Website Traffic" and maintains The Home Biz Blog, where this article was first published. To subscribe to his Home Business Tips Newsletter send a blank e-mail to:

What is a Tier in Affiliate Marketing?

Written by Clay Mabbitt

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The Problem The confusion arises when affiliate programs emphasize that they run a 2-tier compensation plan in their affiliate recruiting efforts. In most cases, this refers torepparttar downline levels definition, and participants can expect to receive compensation based onrepparttar 102362 performance of affiliates they introduce torepparttar 102363 program.

Occasionally, a program makes this claim when referring to sales volume tiers. This isn't inaccurate, but it is misleading. The managers of these programs are almost never intentionally trying to mislead. More often, they have thoughtfully crafted a compensation plan that rewards affiliates who perform well, and they want to announce that feature to all potential affiliates.

Who's Right? You could make an argument for either definition of tier. If you're trying to communicate with other people inrepparttar 102364 affiliate industry, though, you need to give strong consideration to which meaning is generally accepted by most people. That isrepparttar 102365 downline levels definition.

Clay Mabbitt writes articles about online income opportunities. He is the founder of a community of Internet entrepreneurs sharing knowledge and experience at

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