How can multimedia work for you?

Written by Frank Levert

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Inrepparttar same path, interactive websites using flash animations can also improve receptivity if usedrepparttar 124141 smart way. Remember how much time people spend on a web page in average? Taking that into consideration is an essential key torepparttar 124142 success of a flash website. Don't overload your flash animation or make your website navigation too complicated. The point here is to get visitor's attention and keep them awake, not make them loose patience and leave your overloaded flash website!

In many ways, multimedia can help you improverepparttar 124143 receptiveness of your message but it goes way beyond that. You can also save time to your customers by developping multimedia applications such as an interactive training or multimedia tutorial! Offering that kind of multimedia support to your customers could greatly improve their learning process and save them time. As you know, saving time to your customers and offering effective support is a step forward in your customer retention efforts.

Over years, multimedia and interactive marketing services got more affordable. Many multimedia companies are now offering solutions that even smaller budgets can make room for. Are your customers worth it?

Frank Levert is a graphic/web designer, multimedia artist, copywriter and marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He is now the owner of Netmar Solutions, a company offering a whole spectrum of internet and marketing services for small and medium size businesses.

Sananda Maitreya Releases Chapter 2 of His New Project "Angels & Vampires" on his website.

Written by Sananda Maitreya

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For more information about "WEED": For more information about Sananda Maitreya and to download his new music: "Angels & Vampires" is Sananda's 6th project afterrepparttar release of: 2002/2003 "WildCard -The Jokers' Edition" 1995 "Vibrator" 1993 "Symphony Or Damn" 1989 "Neither Fish Nor Flesh" 1987 "Introducing The Hardline According To .." Overrepparttar 124140 next months Sananda will release more Chapters of "Angels & Vampires" on his website: To interview Sananda please email to his Press Office atrepparttar 124141 following address: ###

Multi-platinum artist Sananda Maitreya who released the following albums:

2002/2003 "WildCard -The Jokers' Edition" 1995 "Vibrator" 1993 "Symphony Or Damn" 1989 "Neither Fish Nor Flesh" 1987 "Introducing The Hardline According To .."

is currently recording his new project "Angels & Vampires" and releases the new songs gradually on his website

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