How can I promote my web site???

Written by Glennette Yelverton

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(4) Run a contest - One ofrepparttar best ways to get visitors to a business site is to run a contest! Internet users seem to love to win things as one would expect. The betterrepparttar 125229 prize,repparttar 125230 more visits you'll probably get! As a part ofrepparttar 125231 contest, have them subscribe to your newsletter, that way you have their permission to contact them inrepparttar 125232 future. Just be sure that your newsletter is something they'll be interested in so that you can hang onto them as subscribers! Consider offering internet tips ricks, great sites to visit, sites where you can get free items, etc. Our newsletter includes all of these topics and itís been pretty well received.

(5) Have a newsletter - As mentioned in #4, a newsletter is a great way to not only keep in contact with site visitors but to also contribute something positive to their internet experience. Be sure to remind your subscribers that they did subscribe torepparttar 125233 newsletter atrepparttar 125234 beginning and offer an easy way to unsubscribe atrepparttar 125235 end. Writerepparttar 125236 unsubscribe statement in a way that they're compelled to stay withrepparttar 125237 newsletter because if you have a good newsletter, they won't want to miss out on anything!

(6) Have a press release written about your site - Think about your site objectively and try to come up with a "niche", something unique about your site that maybe others aren't doing or that you're doing better. If possible, have a professional write it so that your release doesn't come off as a sales pitch which tends to happen when site owners write their own release. Press release writers also have a way with words and know what works and what doesn't.

Start taking site promotion seriously and "Knock their socks off"!

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P is For ProcessTrading Links - Any Real Value?

Written by Gail Hornback

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1. Find sites that complement your site, and that you would feel confident in recommending to others. (Quite frankly, if a site doesn't meetrepparttar criteria that I want my visitors to look at, it won't stand a snowball's chance inrepparttar 125228 hot place of getting on my site! ) 2. Contactrepparttar 125229 webmaster with a personal email, telling them about your site, and asking if they would be interested in trading links. 3. Ask them to write their own description of their site, as they would like it explained to your visitors. 3. Set up a page on your site for these links, and call it something BESIDES "link trades". Call it "Recommended sites", or anything creative that will tell your visitors that it is worth looking through. Because it IS worth looking through. You have chosen these sites specifically for a trade with your site! You are recommending them to your visitors!!! 4. List each site name and their short description. ( Yup, you'll have to do this yourself, by hand, individually, one at a time!) 5. Strive to trade YOUR link exclusively with sites that use these same guidelines. Your goal in every aspect of your Ebusiness and website should be to give VALUE to your visitors. REAL VALUE! This method of trading links creates a much greater value for your visitors, not to mentionrepparttar 125230 increased value ofrepparttar 125231 link you have traded onrepparttar 125232 other end. It always comes down torepparttar 125233 same basic idea. The best results rarely come fromrepparttar 125234 easiest method. Building a successful Ebusiness will take work, which takes time. Looking for an automated business? Time to get over it. And get on with reality!

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