How are Motorcycle Jackets Chosen?

Written by Maricon Williams

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2.More Pockets. The more pocketsrepparttar more your storage will be. You can use these pockets to keep your significant things within your reach. Make sure thatrepparttar 149503 pockets can be zipped or closed securely so that its contents will not drop. 3.Waterproof it! Waterproof jacket can save you from catching colds and fever in a rainy day escapade. It will also serve as your shield against some elemental hazards. 4.Proper airing. Get a jacket that flails withrepparttar 149504 direction ofrepparttar 149505 wind. Another alternative is to openrepparttar 149506 zipped parts ofrepparttar 149507 jacket to makerepparttar 149508 most of ventilation. 5.Longer sleeves,repparttar 149509 better. Longer sleeves accommodaterepparttar 149510 flexible position ofrepparttar 149511 rider. It makes it easy for him to maneuverrepparttar 149512 vehicle to submit to his desire.

Now you know how motorcycle jackets are chosen. Don’t just grab one without examining them… chances are it may not be suited to you. Waste of money, isn’t it? Be prepared for those unforeseen events in riding - fall, headaches, insect bites, sunburn, blisters, and many other bother, have yourself a MOTORCYCLE JACKET!

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The Value of Conferences for the Independent Publisher/Author

Written by Maxine Thompson

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Butrepparttar most significant thing I gained from conferences was an insight intorepparttar 149502 Zeitgeist—the German word forrepparttar 149503 spirit of an age, a trend of thought and feeling in a period--inrepparttar 149504 African American Publishing Industry. Just asrepparttar 149505 Civil Rights movement resulted from a Zeitgeist—Black people as a whole getting tired of being treated like second class citizens—the new Black Renaissance in Literature has arisen fromrepparttar 149506 same backlash.

Acrossrepparttar 149507 board, writers have gotten tired of being locked out from mainstream publishing. With desktop publishing, affordable graphic designs,repparttar 149508 Internet, and print-on-demand, e-books, teleclasses, many writers have become publishers and information entrepreneurs.

I recently attendedrepparttar 149509 second annual Los Angeles Black Book Expo on 6-10-05 at as a panelist.

Every year forrepparttar 149510 past 5 years I’ve been a panelist and workshop conductor at Dr. Rosie Milligan’s Black Writers on Tour. (

I will be participating as a workshop conductor with my hometown Detroit Literary Entrepreneur Conference on 8-26-05 to 8-28-05.

To find out about local conferences in your area, go to

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