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Written by Richard Keir

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You can create a blog about anything. What's important is that new content is added regularly. There are many ways to add valuable content to a blog. You needn't be a brilliant writer, many don't require much or any writing.

The best way to check this out for yourself is to blog-surf. No matter what kind of site you have - or what kind of product you want to promote - there's always a way to write about it, find new information, check and report on similar or related products and sites, report on industry news, provide your own opinions and ideas. As most people quickly discover, it's far easier than it sounds at first.

Your blog will produce at least one RSS type feed. Blogger produces just an atom feed, WordPress and other blog software normally produce one or 2 types of RSS feeds and an atom feed. Services like can allow you to "burn" your feed and then promote a single burned url which will provide any kind of feed a user wants.

Now that you have content and an RSS/atom feed that links to that content, your next step is to publicize your feed. You have two different main avenues since your blog has real content.

First you can add your feed to RSS search engines and RSS directories.

And second, because your blog has that real content and isn't just an RSS feed generator, you can add your blog to blog search engines and blog directories. You could even use blog traffic exchanges like BlogExplosion.

This is a simple, low - or basically zero - cost, yet highly effective way to get new traffic from at least two sources.

First from your RSS feed. Feeds are an increasingly popular way to save time, search and surf. If your content is valuable and interesting people will subscribe to your feed and click thru to those full articles or posts that interest them -- targeted traffic from a group that is relatively affluent and tech savvy.

Second, blogs are extremely popular. A good blog will get linked, reported, commented on, other blogs may pick up your feed and report items from it. All of this exposure can bring valuable free traffic.

And finally, as an extra good thing, search engines like blogs because ofrepparttar regularly updated content - they are nuts about fresh content - andrepparttar 140212 easily spidered structure blogs use. So as your blog pages get indexed inrepparttar 140213 SEs, you can also get direct search engine traffic.

Richard has become a blog/feed freak largely because of the traffic implications and because he likes to write. For more on RSS Marketing visit and for general eCommerce check out

The Deadly Itch!

Written by Arun Pal Singh

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‘You liar! You made a fool of me. There is no door there. It is a wall all around. No wealth there..’ Manku yelled at Sonkulat while he listened.

‘I will have to go back to job and spend my life in poverty’ Manku sighed and went for his old master.

But Manku was wrong. There was a door indeed. It did lead to store house of wealth. Only he could not find it. Only if he knew why did he fail!

Manku had a strange uncontrollable itch that would appear suddenly and last for minutes. He would never know how he missedrepparttar door. But every time he was close torepparttar 140211 door he would feel like itching. He would leaverepparttar 140212 wall to satisfy his itch. After his severe itch got controlled he would restart in opposite direction. He would completerepparttar 140213 whole circle again to reachrepparttar 140214 door fromrepparttar 140215 other side and his itch would strike again.

He missedrepparttar 140216 door many a times. Finally he decided to come back. He stopped pursuing his dreams.

Manku is back to his job now. He works everyday with a conviction that he is destined to be poor. He is no way content but he shows that he is.

Manku will never attempt to be rich again.

Every time you have failed and have an urge to quit, think. You might be about to succeed. Do not let your dreams be prey of that urge.

Beware of that urge. It is worse thanrepparttar 140217 itch Manku had.

People become successful because they do not quit.

Wish you success.

Arun Pal Singh, a successful marketer and writer offers a unique and duplicable business opportunity at To avail his free Income Course, send an e-mail to with subject ‘subscribe’.

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