How and When to Use PayPal's New Invoicing System

Written by Ron Hutton

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When all is said and done, both you and they will have receipts and records of your transaction and it's very quick and easy to use. It's a great tool.

For common recurring transactions likerepparttar sale of digital products or services, PayPal invoicing probably doesn't make sense. You can automate billing and delivery far better by setting up web pages that do all ofrepparttar 142610 work for you.

So, when might you want to use PayPal invoicing? Here are a few situations that might make sense... - One time services (i.e. freelance work) - Collecting money for an ad in a newsletter. - Setting up co-operative advertising. - Collecting payment for physical goods. For example, you just sold a vegetable that had an uncanny resemblance to Bill Clinton to your unsuspecting sister-in-law. - It's April Fool's Day and you just want to invoicerepparttar 142611 next person to walk by your office door.

Automation is great, but there are times when you just need a quick and convenient work-around. PayPal invoicing might be just whatrepparttar 142612 doctor ordered.

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Written by Judy Thompson

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There are several types of compensation plans used by MLM companies to pay commissions. It is notrepparttar scope of this article to go into detail on these compensation plans. But one point I would like to make is this: some MLM compensation plans require high sales quotas, making it necessary for you to be a good sales person in order to do well.

Other plans may use a type of matrix, which requires a much lower volume in order to be paid commissions. In my opinion, matrix plans are better suited for most people, who may not be great at retailing products.

Make no mistake about it, though, a home-based business, whether MLM or not, requires work and financial investment. In addition, it requires a great deal of self-discipline.

The great news, however, is with allrepparttar 142609 automation provided byrepparttar 142610 internet, developing a good quality, good paying home-based business is more realistic today than ever before!

Judy Thompson, a former teacher and business owner, is also an experienced network marketer. She promotes a nutrition company that has an automated support system. For details, go to:

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