How a speech impediment can affect a persons life

Written by Stephen Hill

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When trying to find employment, people who stutter will often go for jobs which do not include too many pressure speaking situations. They are normally capable of much better roles or occupations, however are having to accepy second best.

In a restuarant people who stutter do not always order what they actually want but instead something they know they will be able to say.

I have heard of people who stutter, who will not get married through fear ofrepparttar social occasion and especially sayingrepparttar 149925 vows and their giving their speech atrepparttar 149926 reception. This has led people to losingrepparttar 149927 love of their lives.

These are just a few of many ways a stutter or speech impediment can hinder a persons life.

Stephen Hill is somebody who has overcome a stutter. He now helps other people to achieve fluency. He has a couple of websites at and at

Raw Food Diet - Healthy or Not?

Written by Deborah Wilson

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There are several great online raw food resources:

Shazzie has been raw for several years. Her site features a blog, raw products, and several great before and after pics.

Health Diaries features blogs onrepparttar raw food diet. New raw foodists can read others' diaries or start their own and track their progress.

David Wolfe,repparttar 149876 owner of, is a well-known raw foodist. On his site, you can purchase raw food products, books, and just about everything else related to raw food.

Through these sites you'll discover many more raw resources. There's a great online community just waiting for those who are looking to improve their health throughrepparttar 149877 raw food diet.

Deborah Wilson is a freelance writer specializing in health and wellness topics.

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