How a Simple Kitchen Timer Gave Me Back My Life!

Written by Mary Wilkey

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Another benefit ofrepparttar mini-break is that it seems to help clear my thinking and keeps me from getting bogged down or developing writer's block. And it helps me to stay focussed (believe it or not), as my mind isn't as prone to wander as when I'm "at it" for hours on end. And I don't get "burnt out" on any one thing this way.

I setrepparttar 117848 timer for various chunks of time throughoutrepparttar 117849 day—that'srepparttar 117850 beauty of it—it is SO flexible, and it gives you that awesome feeling of being in control at all times. If you plan your work, you can work your plan a whole lot easier using a timer. You actually have a roadmap then forrepparttar 117851 whole day, andrepparttar 117852 little "dings" arerepparttar 117853 mile markers. You get a real feeling of accomplishment, because you ARE, in fact, actually accomplishing things.

Try it—you'll love it!

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How to Have Your Computer Cake and Keep Your Family, Too!

Written by Mary Wilkey

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* If it's raining, stay inside and play a quick game with them—or read to them—or just sit and talk with them.

* IMPORTANT: during "their" time, resistrepparttar urge to criticize them in any way.

* If no one is home, take that 15-minute break anyway to REST YOUR EYES and WRIST and BACK.

* Try NOT to sit down during this 15-minute period—your back will thank you.

* Take a walk—I just readrepparttar 117847 other day that walking is absolutely repparttar 117848 best exercise for everyone over age thirty!

* Put on some music and dance—alone or with your kids—yes, even with your husband!

* Anything else that you can think of that doesn't continue to put a load on your eyes, your wrist, or your backside!

Besides allowing more time for your family, you also will benefit immensely from this plan by resting your own body, and you will return to work refreshed and more alert.

What this small break means to them is immeasurable—for one thing, they know you will be available shortly, and so they will tend not to interrupt you during your "on" hour—especially if you takerepparttar 117849 time to explainrepparttar 117850 "program" to them atrepparttar 117851 beginning.

If they understand WHY you need this time .. . If they feel you really would rather be with THEM ... If they see you making a real effort to take some of your time just for THEM ... THEN they will begin to seerepparttar 117852 big picture.

THEY will feel better and less hostile towardrepparttar 117853 computer, and YOU will feel less guilty about spending precious time online.

So when you first start to implement your plan, be sure to sit down withrepparttar 117854 whole family and tell them that:

* The computer is just a way to talk to other people and make money forrepparttar 117855 family.

* You realize thatrepparttar 117856 computer is taking up some precious time that you would rather be spending with them.

* You know that they feel that they are bothering you every time they need to interrupt you, and that they don't like having to feel that way.

* You have come up with a plan so that you can work without interruption and still spend time with them.

You will have their undivided attention, believe me.

And after you have explained "the plan" to them, get off onrepparttar 117857 right foot and tell them that you're going to start with THEIR time, and then spendrepparttar 117858 next 15-20 minutes doing just that.

DON'T setrepparttar 117859 timer for THEIR time—it's just not good psychology!

BUT do stay aware ofrepparttar 117860 time, and when it's "computer" time, be gentle, but firmly retreat to your work station ... setrepparttar 117861 precedent ... and setrepparttar 117862 timer!

Article penned by Mary Wilkey, publisher of 'elf Expressions Ezine: To subscribe, email Feel free to use the above article, as long as the entire article and the above resource box, and this statement are included.

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