How a Custom Designed Website Can Help Your Business

Written by Sherry Holub

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2)Shop around forrepparttar right design firm. There is no shortage of companies who can handlerepparttar 145910 design and development of your website. Do not be afraid to shop around. Prepare a detailed RFP (Request For Proposal) that outlines things such asrepparttar 145911 goals of your website, your target market,repparttar 145912 information you would like to have on your website, and advanced features such as ecommerce. Reviewrepparttar 145913 portfolios of companies and send out your RFP torepparttar 145914 ones you feel haverepparttar 145915 skills to do your job. When you've narrowed downrepparttar 145916 prospects, do not be afraid to ask for personal or telephone interviews. Find out what their design process and work flow is like. Ask for recommendations about what type of web hosting your site will need. Also, make sure to reviewrepparttar 145917 design agreement or contract withrepparttar 145918 company you choose (a professional company will ALWAYS require a contract before work begins).

3)Have a basic idea of what you would like your finished site to look like. It's a good idea to do some "surfing" ofrepparttar 145919 web to see what your competition and similar companies are doing, but look outside your industry as well for designs that catch your eye. This will give your design team a place to start and an idea ofrepparttar 145920 style of design you expect for your own website.

4)Work on your "content". The content of your site includes allrepparttar 145921 text you wish to display. This is a very important aspect to your site. Although you do not want to overwhelm your visitors with nothing but pages and pages of text, you do want to offer clear, concise, professionally composed and edited information. Proof read, proof read, proof read! If you are in doubt, it is best to consider hiring a professional copy writer. Remember that grammatical errors shout "unprofessional!" torepparttar 145922 viewer.

5)Once your site is up and running, don't be afraid to add or edit your content periodically. This keeps your pages "fresh" and shows repeat visitors that your business is active and "takes an interest" in staying up to date.

Sherry Holub received her degree in design from UCLA in 1995. She is now the Lead Designer and Creative Director at Southern California Studio, JV Media Design.

Business Benefits of the Web Standards

Written by Edward Clarke

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Higher search engine rankings

Not only will a user struggle to navigate an unusable and invalid site, so will a search engines spider. If your documents are marked up correctly and fast to load then a search engine will reward your web pages with better listings. Why serve a user a scruffy and hard to read web page when a perfectly readable and accessible page exists?

Powerful designs

CSS is an extremely flexible and powerful way of styling a website. Allrepparttar formatting is contained within one text file meaning a new design overhaul is very cost effective and fast to turn around from a designers point of view, meaning lower costs torepparttar 145805 business. If done correctly, CSS can degrade gracefully in older browsers which lack support into a perfectly readable document which isrepparttar 145806 beauty of followingrepparttar 145807 web standards.

Lower business costs

A website followingrepparttar 145808 web standards is a more efficient and smaller website in terms of file sizes and bandwidth.

This translates into reduced hosting costs. Changing contractors can be a problem ifrepparttar 145809 code is written with proprietary software that creates untidy or browser specific HTML. Following a set of standards means contractors can hitrepparttar 145810 ground running and give you far better value for money.

Author of Optimising Your Website, and an IT Consultant for local UK Government and various European Union initiatives, Edward Clarke specialises in website accessibility, css, web standards and search engine optimisation. Visit Edward's consultancy website and his blog for more information.

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