How Your New Years Eve Bash can Grow Your Career

Written by John W David

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The up-side of that is, even if they are dollar-qualified, they are so because ofrepparttar level of job and income they have. And, that may just qualify them for you.

It's a great opportunity to wave your flag at full mast where being seen by a more influential crowd can do yourepparttar 127400 most good.  It works!

Now, here are some guidelines: A) No selling. You know that anyway.

B) Stay sober and completely Professional both in appearance and in Mission.

C) Stay completely away from any discussion about sex, religion, and politics. COMPLETELY. 

D) Put a positive spin on evenrepparttar 127401 most negative thought. However much you don't like something don't say a word if you can't come up with a positive.  Believe this: People always shootrepparttar 127402 messenger!

Flipping that over: People shop most where they are made to feel good about themselves. THAT becomes an Objective for this event.    E) If you are prone to talk, ask three times as many questions as make statements. One approach that always works: Ask a question or make a compliment.

That makes you a great listener which, and you won't believe this, equates to being a terrific conversationalist. Being a terrific conversationalist makes you valuable.

Being a positive thinking terrific conversationalist make you a great Best Value Benefit candidate in their lives and in their businesses.   F) Use their names andrepparttar 127403 words "You" and "Yours" three times more often thanrepparttar 127404 total ofrepparttar 127405 words "I", "Me", "My", "Mine", "We", "Ours". 

That wayrepparttar 127406 conversation is always about them and in their words.   Remember: while this is going to be a smashing evening for you and your Life partner, you will be on-the-clock with a lot invested. 

So, like any other Selling situation, you want to come out of there with something definable that will bring you measurably closer to your Event Objectives forrepparttar 127407 evening. 

This kind of event and allrepparttar 127408 people in it always opensrepparttar 127409 doors to where you eventually want to be.  Remember: Smart Money Goes where Smart Money Grows. 

Now you are prepared to have an exciting evening with a terrific Opportunity to fraternize amongst people who can do you, your family, your career, and your income some real good... simply becauserepparttar 127410 nature ofrepparttar 127411 New Years networking event moves people in that direction. 

Happy New Years!

Feel free to share ProShop Sales Tips with good people you know as part of your personal and professional Mission.

John W David Author / Teacher / Speaker Secret Strategies Revealed What every business person must know and must do to Survive, to Grow, and to Prosper in a Downturn Economy

Author / Teacher / Speaker. Secret Strategies Revealed What every business person must know and must do to Survive, to Grow, and to Prosper in this Downturn Economy

7 Bullets To Making An Easy Sale

Written by Amin Khan

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Keep reading my other niche building articles to explorerepparttar niche magic.

Bullet 4 - Ignite Her Desire To Capture Success

Success is a very powerful word. Used positively with emotions, this word can do wonders. Use words to paint a picture of life in your prospect's mind after they've bought your product. A good technique is to activate your prospect's subconscious mind by creating mental movies in her mind.

Writing that is filled with descriptive nouns and verbs that convey action torepparttar 127399 reader arerepparttar 127400 secret to making your reader 'see', 'feel' and 'act' on what you say.

Bullet 5 - Satisfy Her Idolization Needs

Have you ever wondered why they choose Michael Jordan and not you to sell Hanes underwear? The reason is simple, everyone has certain idolization needs -repparttar 127401 desire to relate to and connect with our "heroes". Don't take personally, but I probably wouldn't buy underwear from you in a million years.

So try getting your product positioned at a place, or on a famous personality where it can satisfy your prospect's idolization needs.

Bullet 6 - Proof Sells

Nobody wants to be a fool, or get robbed. It'srepparttar 127402 human nature to have protection and security. Before buying anything, everyone wants to know whetherrepparttar 127403 product they're buying is of quality or not? Orrepparttar 127404 money they're paying is worthrepparttar 127405 product or not?

You eliminate your prospect's skepticism by providing verifiable proofs. If your product has proofs, you can easily eliminate her skepticism. To provide proofs, testimonials can be used. Nothing is better than word of mouth. People want to know howrepparttar 127406 other person has benefited from your product.

Bullet 7 - Repeat Repeat And Repeat

One ofrepparttar 127407 most powerful tools of persuasion is repetition. Advertising man and author Kenneth Goode, in his 1932 book, "Advertising," wrote --

"As a matter of fact,repparttar 127408 greatest of all advertising tricks is that of persistently pounding away atrepparttar 127409 same suggestion while still keepingrepparttar 127410 appearance of freshness of idea."

The more you repeat your basic offer or basic reasons to buy,repparttar 127411 more you will influence your reader's unconscious mind. The above bullets arerepparttar 127412 proven methods to make sales. Have these bullets in your marketing shotgun... and fire them at your visitor... and all I can say is Good Luck! ?

The above bullets arerepparttar 127413 proven methods to make sales. Have these bullets in your marketing shotgun... and fire them at your visitor... and all I can say is Good Luck!

Amin Khan of is the active soul for helping you develop a successful niche based business. Subscribe his FREE ezine 'The LASER' to join the select group of pros who are driving the Net for success. Send a blank email to: with the word "subscribe laser" (without quotes) in the body of your email.

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