How You Pay More for Unused Web Space and Traffic

Written by Subhendu Sen

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So, withrepparttar above example, if you go for a 5MB space, it's enough for you inrepparttar 105953 given circumstances.

But, if you go for a 2GB space and use only 5MB of it, you are actually paying $5.99 for using 5MB space. A loss of $4.99 every month—$59.88 every year!

You got it now, right?

You may ask, 'What about Traffic? 50GB!! It's huge man!'

Yes, it's huge. But, do you need it?

Withrepparttar 105954 above example, if one person visits allrepparttar 105955 pages, your site generates 1.25MB traffic. If you get say 100 such visitors every day, you generate only 3750MB or 3.5GB (approx) traffic forrepparttar 105956 entire month!

So, here again you pay more forrepparttar 105957 unused traffic.

Check from your control panel, how much space and traffic you are you consuming currently. Are you paying for unused space / traffic? If yes, then browserepparttar 105958 web for reliable hosts and find out a plan which fits with your requiremnts. Comparerepparttar 105959 prices and features. Checkrepparttar 105960 reliability ofrepparttar 105961 host and go forrepparttar 105962 one you findrepparttar 105963 best.

And, Save Money!

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Web Site Hosting For Your Business – Free or Paid?

Written by Calin Indre

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It’s almost a standard for paid web hosting providers to offer features like PHP and MySQL, features that allow your site to grow along with your business needs. With such features you can easily have an online store, offer your customersrepparttar possibility to track their orders etc.

Oftenrepparttar 105952 web hosting provider offers guarantees forrepparttar 105953 uptime ofrepparttar 105954 server, and this avoids unnecessary frustration for your customers. To complement this, support services of higher quality allow your business to overcome possible technical problems easier and faster.

Let’s reviewrepparttar 105955 main points of each option.

Free web hosting:

(+) It's free. No money for space, bandwidth and domain name

(-) Your URL will containrepparttar 105956 mark ofrepparttar 105957 free web-hosting provider and thus would not reflectrepparttar 105958 identity of your business. Changing providers might result in loosing some or allrepparttar 105959 traffic to your online business

(-) Required advertising items such as banners, frames etc have a detrimental effect on your content in terms of accessibility and look, making it very unprofessional (-) If you plan to use banner exchange on your site read carefully their Terms and conditions. Some free hosts doesn't allow it

(-) You will probably have lower bandwidth then a paid host provides and space could also be restricted

(-) Features like PHP and MySQL are rather rare for a free web-hosting provider. Some don’t offer FTP access to your website

(-) It’s common that free hosting providers change their Terms and conditions at some point in time. Consider that no adds today could mean a banner or a popup tomorrow. Such changes could mean thatrepparttar 105960 free hosting service is canceled and only paid web hosting services are offered. At this moment either you pay, either you loose your web site

Paid web hosting:

(-) You will have to pay for it. Usually you have to pay for hosting (space and bandwidth) and forrepparttar 105961 domain name

(+) You can host your own domain. With your unique domain name changing web hosting providers don’t cause loosing your traffic

(+) Support is offered by most paid web hosting providers. This usually means 24/7 support via email or live chat and, in some cases, toll-free phone support is available

(+) The uptime ofrepparttar 105962 server(s) hosting your web site is better then on free host and more and more frequentlyrepparttar 105963 web hosting provider offers uptime guarantee

(+) The amount of enough disk space and bandwidth available is very likely to coverrepparttar 105964 needs of your business

(+) Features like PHP and MySQL are almost standard for a paid hosting plan. Also you will have FTP access to your website.

It could be tempting to embracerepparttar 105965 idea that a free web hosting is good point to start from, but it’s not something you would want to consider if you are looking to establish your business as a serious web presence.

Inrepparttar 105966 end it all comes down to this one question: How big ambitions do you have with your website?

If you look to make some savings while getting your business online, save time instead and register a domain name. The small amount of money saved on web hosting might cost your business customers, and a loss of image.

The cost of a paid web hosting solution is small compared with freedom it gives to your online presence. Yes, freedom of your image, ofrepparttar 105967 way you treat your online presence.

If your online business is important to you, better make that if you care for it at all, when coming torepparttar 105968 decision of opting over free or paid web hosing choose

Keep in mind thatrepparttar 105969 success of your online presence will play a significant role inrepparttar 105970 future growth of your business.

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