How You Can Get Another Free Listing In Yahoo

Written by Tinu Abayomi-Paul

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I logged into my site's control panel and checkedrepparttar logs that show my most recent visitors. I sawrepparttar 128295 line "YahooFeedSeeker/1.0", not just at my feed, but atrepparttar 128296 links it was pointing to, almost immediately.

A few hours later, I went to searchrepparttar 128297 directory for feeds similar to mine. A search for "traffic secret" popped my site up - now that is fast inclusion.

I noticedrepparttar 128298 next day that every time I updatedrepparttar 128299 portion of my site that hasrepparttar 128300 feed,repparttar 128301 number of visitors on that page doubled. So it looks like if you're not in a crowded niche, now is a great time to add your feed - there were about 48 results for "internet marketing", but only 7 for "sunglasses".

Once you've submitted, don't forget to stick one ofrepparttar 128302 "Add to My Yahoo!" buttons in a visible spot on your web property. The following link will take you directly torepparttar 128303 instructions at Yahoo: - or if you're as lazy as I am, get Yahoo to dorepparttar 128304 work for you- .

Want to search Yahoo's RSS Directory for your site or others? Just go to your "My Yahoo!" page, find where you addedrepparttar 128305 RSS Headlines block and click "Edit", usually inrepparttar 128306 upper right hand corner ofrepparttar 128307 block of content.

That will take you to a new page. Now, where you would normally type a URL, type your keyword, or if you know a site has a feed but don't knowrepparttar 128308 address, type inrepparttar 128309 home page.

Advanced users can also click onrepparttar 128310 Import feature to import feeds through their .OPML file. You can display up to 50 feeds per page, but there does not appear to be a limitation on how many feeds you can include in Yahoo.

When does a browse-able version of Yahoo's RSS Directory open, and how much more traffic can you expect when it does? I haven't heard any speculation on whenrepparttar 128311 Beta period will be up, but I'd be willing to be it will be soon.

My suggestion? Add your link now, while Yahoo appears to be taking all comers.

Does this convert me back to my Yahoo-loving days of yore? Not quite yet.

Butrepparttar 128312 ice that formed overrepparttar 128313 Yahoo spot in my heart... slowly... melting...

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How You Can Enhance Your Listing in Yahoo - Free

Written by Tinu Abayomi-Paul

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Just in case you're not, lemme spell it out for ya.... Thanks to Yahoo, people won't even have to go to your site to add you to their Yahoo page, if you haverepparttar right Meta Tag in your site's header.

And if they donít userepparttar 128294 My Yahoo page to track their feeds? Theyíve been kind enough to include a link to your XML link as well.

How do I know this works?

Do another search for need free traffic - withoutrepparttar 128295 quotes this time. Scroll down to search result number four - seerepparttar 128296 one withrepparttar 128297 feed links?

Thatís my site.

Not only did this work, apparently it only takes a few days from submitting your feed. I added this simple code to my site header onrepparttar 128298 6th of July. I noticed another traffic increase to my site onrepparttar 128299 8th, and I couldnít figure it out, which led me to checkrepparttar 128300 listings in Yahoo that had sent merepparttar 128301 traffic.

How did I do this? I added a simple Meta Tag called RSS Auto Discovery to my site. Itís very simple to use. Hereís what it looks like:

< !-- RSS Autodiscovery -- >

< link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS"

href="" / >

Just replace my RSS feed link with your own, and addrepparttar 128302 tag torepparttar 128303 header of your site.

Tinu? Normally a forthcoming woman, her free traffic mental affliction prevented her from telling you the *most* important thing about the RSS Auto-disovery tag.

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