How You Can Enhance Your Listing in Yahoo - Free

Written by Tinu Abayomi-Paul

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Just in case you're not, lemme spell it out for ya.... Thanks to Yahoo, people won't even have to go to your site to add you to their Yahoo page, if you haverepparttar right Meta Tag in your site's header.

And if they donít userepparttar 128294 My Yahoo page to track their feeds? Theyíve been kind enough to include a link to your XML link as well.

How do I know this works?

Do another search for need free traffic - withoutrepparttar 128295 quotes this time. Scroll down to search result number four - seerepparttar 128296 one withrepparttar 128297 feed links?

Thatís my site.

Not only did this work, apparently it only takes a few days from submitting your feed. I added this simple code to my site header onrepparttar 128298 6th of July. I noticed another traffic increase to my site onrepparttar 128299 8th, and I couldnít figure it out, which led me to checkrepparttar 128300 listings in Yahoo that had sent merepparttar 128301 traffic.

How did I do this? I added a simple Meta Tag called RSS Auto Discovery to my site. Itís very simple to use. Hereís what it looks like:

< !-- RSS Autodiscovery -- >

< link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS"

href="" / >

Just replace my RSS feed link with your own, and addrepparttar 128302 tag torepparttar 128303 header of your site.

Tinu? Normally a forthcoming woman, her free traffic mental affliction prevented her from telling you the *most* important thing about the RSS Auto-disovery tag.

5 Reasons Why Your Site Needs to Publish a News Feed

Written by Tinu Abayomi-Paul

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With allrepparttar new free tools available, even if youíre all thumbs when it comes to making a web page, if you can fill out a form, you can create a feed.

Reason #3: Get visitors to click through to your site whenever you update

If you havenít used a feed reader before, you might be confused aboutrepparttar 128293 connection betweenrepparttar 128294 feed and your site and why it can result in an increase in traffic. Iíll attempt to explain this to you in words, but I suggest downloading a news aggregator (also known as a feed reader), and looking atrepparttar 128295 results of your favorite siteís feed through a reader after you read this forrepparttar 128296 full effect..

You can use my main feed here if you donít have one to view:

If you donít want to have another application up while youíre surfing, you can try Pluck , a free application you can use for more than just feeds that integrates with Internet Explorer - get it at - it will take you right torepparttar 128297 downloads page.

You can also do this from My Yahoo!, by changing your page to include their RSS Headlines console, still in Beta testing at .

To summarize, a visitor seesrepparttar 128298 headlines they want to read, viewrepparttar 128299 summary, and click through to your site to readrepparttar 128300 rest ofrepparttar 128301 news, either in a new window, or without having to leaverepparttar 128302 application they are in.

And when you update again,repparttar 128303 reader will notify them that you have new headlines, and/or populaterepparttar 128304 list of items you have available. This can keep your audience coming back.

If you had trouble following that, come to this page for a one minute tutorial:

Reason #4: Recycle old content.

If you have a list of your older articles, some older product reviews, site suggestions, or archived newsletters, you can use those to build content to populate your feed with information. As long as this news is still relevant, you can recycle this content to attract new visitors

Reason #5: Its so easy itís crazy not to do it.

Beforerepparttar 128305 last few months, there werenít as many free tools online that maderepparttar 128306 process of starting and publicizing a feed so effective and user-friendly.

The bottom line is, now that you can get all those benefits from filling out a form, savingrepparttar 128307 file, uploading to your server, promoting it once, and updating it from time to time, itís insane not to do so.

You already have to update your site from time to time. You might as well get allrepparttar 128308 benefits of having a news feed too.

Tinu? Currently wanted by Secret Hoarders of America for spilling free traffic tips:

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