How Yahoo's Recent Facelift Can Mean More Traffic To Your Site

Written by Tinu Abayomi-Paul

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ďMy Yahoo!Ē RSS Headline module Coming Out of Beta?

If I had to guess, I'd say all signs point to yes. When that happens, Yahoo's RSS/Atom directory will likely contain only those who added their feeds early. New feeds seeking to be included will probably face stricter standards than inrepparttar past.

If you don't have one yet donít worry, because itís never been easier to make one. If you can cut and paste, there are tools all overrepparttar 128107 Net that will show you how- some will even generaterepparttar 128108 file for you.

However, there are still certain guidelines you need to follow with your feed to get a good result out of Yahoo - again, it's not as simple as adding your feed now that there are more competing listings.

Yet, Yahoo is still accepting new sources for RSS feeds. Readers of my last book state that they are getting excellent results following my instructions, though initial inclusion no longer occurs atrepparttar 128109 same rate. Plenty of markets have few feeds available, or none at all. Your site could fill that void.

That means you still have a chance at a first page ranking. The traffic I get on a daily basis from My Yahoo readers alone sounds like I just like to brag.

And I do, but that's hardlyrepparttar 128110 point.

The point is, there's no place you can even go to buyrepparttar 128111 caliber of exposure torepparttar 128112 quality of audience that reads feeds.

The typical audience that accesses information by feed are also blog readers. A study this summer estimated thatrepparttar 128113 69.3% of blog readers are aged 29-50, and that 40% of this audience are people who have household incomes greater than $90,000.

The type of surfer that would subscribe to your feed has pre-qualified themselves as a lead, with a certain level of understanding and interest in your topic, often on a professional level. And if you don't spend every post hitting them overrepparttar 128114 head with your sales pitch, they can be both loyal and interactive.

(If you do, they'll unsubscribe from your feed faster than you can spell s-p-a-m.)

And if you're inrepparttar 128115 business of providing information you can use, in a way that shows how you can solve their problem, it's like preaching torepparttar 128116 converted. Further, if your product solves their problem, and you show that you deserverepparttar 128117 trust of this subscriber, youíll also findrepparttar 128118 route to a sale an increasingly downward slope.

The bottom line - this isrepparttar 128119 power surfer's favorite toy. And if your content appeals to them, you need to learn how to play.

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Table Structures For Top Search Engine Positioning

Written by Mary Davies

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If this table structure does not fit your design at all there can be work arounds. A good example of this is shown on Notice thatrepparttar index page upon load has a very simple look, no text, clean, crisp image. This is a good way to present your business with a simple entry page. If you scroll downrepparttar 128106 page you will see that there is in fact a lot of text below this main image. With a simple 100% x 100% table you can achieve this affect on your website. This table will openrepparttar 128107 same way in all resolutions giving your index pagerepparttar 128108 look of a text free page when in fact it is not.

100% x 100% table used as mentioned above:

If you choose to userepparttar 128109 100% x 100% table noted above you should still try to stick torepparttar 128110 general table structure shown first for your internal pages. There can always be room for adjustments based onrepparttar 128111 size of your site however most websites use left hand navigation and this table structure is based on left hand navigation. If your navigation is acrossrepparttar 128112 top of your page, maybe reconsider it. It can remain atrepparttar 128113 top, I have designed a few websites that are ranking well with this top navigation, but forrepparttar 128114 best result, repparttar 128115 left hand navigation usingrepparttar 128116 table structure first mentioned in this article is best.

All in all I cannot stress enough that a well designed site will rank higher. Even if you do not have a complete SEO overhaul of your site this table structure will increase your rankings over those that do not have a clean, properly structured website. Though repparttar 128117 table structure is not noticed so much byrepparttar 128118 visitors to your website aside fromrepparttar 128119 look of it, it is very noticed byrepparttar 128120 spiders and they will go through your website based on it. For an added edge, have your site designed with this table structure, or do it yourself. Make a point of not only givingrepparttar 128121 visitors to your website repparttar 128122 information you want them to have but alsorepparttar 128123 spiders and as quickly and easily as possible.

Mary Davies is the owner of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning. Mary works and writes with years of experience in website design and search engine optimization.

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