How Will Your Business be Judged?

Written by Dave Balch

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While we're onrepparttar subject of brochures, let me vent one of my pet peeves: grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Aaaaggghhh! Maybe it's just me, but if you want to make a bad impression, bad punctuation is a good way to do it, especially a misused apostrophe. For example, a local restaurant used "tomato's" asrepparttar 117722 plural for "tomato", and made that mistake throughout its entire menu. I can certainly understand a typo once in a while, but geez.

You can only imagine how I reacted to this one: large, block letters, in neon, above a pet store that read "Pet's, Fish, and More". How many people saw that and didn't realize that there should be no apostrophe??

I don't mean to make you paranoid. Wait a minute, yes I do! Be very careful how you present yourself torepparttar 117723 world. Little things can mean a lot, whether your customers think so or not.

Remember that you only get one chance for that first impression. Make it a good one.

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Keys To Success -- #1 Commitment

Written by Joe Bingham

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choosing wisely and then sticking with your choice and working it until it proves itself out. Expect to make a time commitment. Sure,repparttar Internet is automated, and can produce large numbers quickly, but it still takes time to get set up, to build, and even to maintain a successful enterprise. Don't expect magic from little effort. Plan for time to be devoted to your work on a regular basis. Similarly, expect to work. Nothing is going to happen unless you make it happen. Automation saves time, and through network marketing you can leverage your time to where you can get more done through others than you could ever do on your own, but there still will be a role you will have to play. As with anything,repparttar 117721 more you put into it,repparttar 117722 more you can expect out of it. Last but perhaps more important thanrepparttar 117723 rest, expect to constantly be promoting yourself. You always need to be talking to more and more people, more and more potential clients. Promotion is not something you set up once and then let go on its own, it needs constant attention and work. If there is anything you for sure need to plan on doing every single day, it's promotion. It isrepparttar 117724 very basis of what your business growth depends on. There are many opportunities online, some more involved than others, but I guarantee none of them will fly for you if you are not willing to make a solid commitment to working them. Decide before hand what money, time, work, and resources you are willing to commit to your business. Then stick to your plan. As well, seek out others willing to dorepparttar 117725 same. Avoidrepparttar 117726 in and out, here today gone tomorrow crowd and make a solid commitment to your future. Later on, I guarantee you'll be glad you did.

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