How Will You Be Remembered?

Written by John Boe

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Alfred Noble. The prize that bears his name is an international award given annually since 1901. Previous recipients ofrepparttar Nobel Peace Prize include; Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Schweitzer, Henry Kissinger, and Theodore Roosevelt. Alfred did a remarkable job reestablishing his legacy. One century later we no longer associaterepparttar 124035 name Noble with destruction, but rather, with peace. What if Alfred Noble had never read his obituary? I believe it is never too late to improve your legacy. In India many years ago, a newspaper reporter interviewed Mahatma Gandhi. He asked Gandhi to give his readers a message that would inspire them. Gandhi smiled atrepparttar 124036 young reporter and replied, “My life is my message!” Consider what message you are giving your coworkers, customers, friends and family. Unlike Nobel, you may not be givenrepparttar 124037 unique opportunity to read your own obituary, however, you are in a good position to influence what it will say. How do you choose to be remembered?

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Delegate Your Work!

Written by Ruth Marlene Friesen

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From my parents I learned to work and to work hard. They also showed me by example that they didn't trust others to be reliable and do a good job, so they just did it all themselves.

But I'm trying to break out of that pattern of thinking. It's noble in a pitiful way, but not very wise. Ah-yes, my New Year's Resolution this year is to learn to work Smarter - not Harder!

You too?

Then let's start evaluating all our little to do lists, and routines to see which ones we could train someone else to take over. Hire somebody if you can.

That doesn't mean we never ever touch it again. We'll still supervise our delegated workers, give them encouragement, tips, and so on.

We probably can't and shouldn't make allrepparttar changes at once, but overrepparttar 124034 next few months, see if you can't focus more onrepparttar 124035 creative stuff only you, with your peculiar mind and memories can do.

Oh-h-h, just think; now we're finally going to be productive!

* Not an exact quote as I didn't write it down.

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