How VOIP can mask your businesses size and save you a Bundle?

Written by Yolanda Yvette McDonald

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Here are a few ofrepparttar uses we have discovered VOIP applications being used for:

One-On-One Tutoring Online Computer Classes Communicating with kids in college Business Teleconferencing Board Meetings Blueprint review International calling (no extra cost) Establishing online communities Supporting International Downlines (no long distance charges) Online Church Services

Andrepparttar 133443 list goes on...There are several service providers andrepparttar 133444 best by far that we have discovered is ICon Communicator by Madison Dynamics Incorporated. The voice clarity is incredible andrepparttar 133445 options available set it apart fromrepparttar 133446 rest, and price is more than reasonable, starting at $9.97 a month. You can review their service offer at Other capable providers are Go To Meeting and Intranets.

Yvette McDonald has been an IT Analyst for 14 years and has designed an programmed on platforms from the AS/400 to the Internet.

Debating on .Net Vs J2EE

Written by Balaji

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.Net platform now support over 20 different programming languages. Moreover, web services that is going to berepparttar significant part of any application-development environment is easy, fast, and cheap to develop and deploy in .Net rather than J2EE. The open standards for web services such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Universal Description Directory and Integration, and Web Services Description Language (WSDL) favor .Net than J2EE

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