How To Write a Powerful Promotion Article

Written by Bruce Jones

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Pritchard all attempts have failed because of 2 major problems with pawn Movement. “Chessapeak Challenge® gets over both problems” as stated in his published review inrepparttar Autumn 1995 United Kingdom Chess Journal. Back to Steve: At each chess class meeting, Steve designated 4 students to each Chessapeak Challenge® game board. Chess partners faced each other and therefore, each player had a partner across from him/her, an opponent on repparttar 129857 left and an opponent onrepparttar 129858 right. In a clockwise order each player took his/her turn in order. Since this was a learning mode, players were allowed to discuss chess moves and chess strategies with each other. Therefore, all players were learning from each other. Results: Atrepparttar 129859 Regional Chess Tournament, this Milton School system (for repparttar 129860 1st time ever) wonrepparttar 129861 Chess Tournament Championship with 4 of their players named asrepparttar 129862 best . “Educators in School Systems” (read this): Concurrent to his chess teaching Steve Preston structured all his Math classes and all his Science classes around this 4 Player partnership Chess game. His happy students did so well in all his newly structured curricula courses that many parents of other students tried to enroll their children in Steve’s classes forrepparttar 129863 next year. AND other teachers went after Steve for copies of his new course outlines. Just prior torepparttar 129864 Chess Tournament (described above) a publication appeared: page 3 of 3 A full page descriptive review ofrepparttar 129865 4 player partnership chess game Chessapeak Challenge® was published inrepparttar 129866 Fairplay magazine in Berlin Germany November 1997 by Joshen Corts. The ausSCHACHtungen article was published in deutch (german). >Fromrepparttar 129867 English translation,repparttar 129868 review comments onrepparttar 129869 origin ofrepparttar 129870 game’s name “Chessapeak”. That it was a play on words; that came fromrepparttar 129871 name of a city onrepparttar 129872 Atlantic coast, “Chesapeake”. Here isrepparttar 129873 English version of Jochen’s quote “Chessapeak Challenge is not only a successful play on words, But also a successful challenge of 4 Player Chess” Fairplay Magazine, Nov”97. More Positive Results: Adult chess player Denis Chabot lives inrepparttar 129874 proximity of Quebec City, Canada onrepparttar 129875 shores ofrepparttar 129876 magnificent Saint Lawrence river. Denis introduced and sold Chessapeak Challenge® games to chess players inrepparttar 129877 province of Quebec. Denis said that he really enjoyed playing this game. However, there was one specific player that always beat him at allrepparttar 129878 chess tournaments. One day Denis telephoned and said “ I beat him at 2 player chess 3 times. He cannot beat me now. I got better by playing 4 player Chessapeak Challenge® “. How Cool is This ! CHESSapeak Challenge® isrepparttar 129879 instrument. YES, this Game provides a camaraderie of learning with your peers. “Play to Learn, have Fun and Excel”. Readers, did I follow my own rules ? Note: The next step forrepparttar 129880 Chessapeak Games Co. will be . .”Internet Play” for 4 player partnership Chess . . CHESSapeak Challenge®.

Bruce Jones is the inventor of Chessapeak Challenge® 4 Player Partnership Chess game that is played with Traditional Chess rules. The company manufactures & sells several quality models of this Chessapeak game on web site E-mail:

How to Write Persuasively

Written by Jennifer Stewart

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First, arouse an emotion - anger, fear, resentment, envy, greed, sympathy.

Second, give a reason forrepparttar emotion - "your children are precious to you, don't risk their future by ..."

Third, give your audience an appropriate course of action to follow - "Call now to ensure your place in this new ..."

When appealing torepparttar 129854 emotions, your most powerful tools are words - learn to use them to createrepparttar 129855 desired effect on your readers.

Words can have literal meanings (denotation) and emotional meanings (connotation) e.g. a 'house' is a building where people live, but a 'home' is much more Some words have strong emotive appeals 'built-in' e.g. 'chaos' implies something much stronger than 'disruption' Select your facts carefully - choose those that support your point of view

3. Rationalise

This is giving people good reasons to believe what you're telling them. We all do this to ourselves everyday. How many times have you said something like this to yourself, "My old car is going to start costing me money soon; I'd be better off buying a new one now"?

Tell your would-be customers that they'll save money inrepparttar 129856 long run by spending it now and you've given them a reason to act immediately.


Emphasise and repeat your key points Be convincing in your presentation Use plenty of emotional words and focus onrepparttar 129857 audience

Consider how you can use these persuasive techniques to sell your products or services.

N.B. Ifrepparttar 129858 spelling of words like "utilise" in this article worried you, please read this:

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